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Triangle Shaped Stealth UFO That Looks Half Transparent Over Texas

MUFON sometimes get's the most bizarre submissions from the general public who feel it's their duty to reveal these amazing UFO sightings and guys, without your eye witness statements (no matter how short or long) they couldn't investigate the sightings.

I don't know how to really describe this as best as I could but to me, this looks half transparent, triangle in shape and the lights are telling me that these are not spotter lights but lights inside the craft?

That's why I'm saying "half transparent" as we can nearly see through it?

Is that a trick of the lights though?

Is that a man made stealth air craft or is this a bone fide, Alien stealth spaceship?

It's definitely not what you'd see at a normal airport. You wouldn't see this coming in to land at an airport near you, would you?

The answer to that is a solid, no! So it only leaves us with a real Unidentified Flying Object in the true sense of the words.

So what the bloody hell is it?

We know …

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