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Area 51 Energy Weapons and Weather Control | Majestic 12

AREA 51 has remained shrouded in controversy and mystery even after more than six decades of numerous secret tests at the site.

So, it's no wonder then, that the secret military facility in Nevada has spawned many a number of legitimate conspiracy theories.

From a production site for 'exotic weapons' to meetings with extraterrestrials, here's a great and enduring conspiracy list that has been put together below.

Area 51 is probably the least secret military base in the world, yet it's still referred to as a top secret military base, now that's bonkers!

This place has been denied and lied about since it's very first day. People will not give up on prying open the secrets that lay within and in the military bases secretive past.

The public wants to know, "show us them Aliens" has become a very popular slogan after the recent storm Area 51 phenomena, which all started from one Facebook post! 2 million people signed up to storm Area 51 but never did, lol.


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