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Evidence Of Mining On The Moon In NASA Photos

The moon has kept us humans and pre humans occupied for aeons and it's going to keep us very busy as technology grows. Technology and space, the Moon and humans are all inexplicably linked.

It's inevitable that we will be a common sight on the Moon. In fact, i'd go as far as to say that, travelling between the Earth and the Moon will become normal - not a big deal - everyday sight!
What's all that got to do with evidence of mining on the Moon I hear you say? Well, everything and from the beginning it will be mining on the Lunar surface that will kick start the Moon travel industry.

It all goes hand in hand as technology evolves and get's better, smaller and more compact, more complex and very accurate and specific - so does our curiosities (our endless curiosities).

Because as our developed abilities grow and in turn, turns in to innate abilities, so it opens up possibilities and the potential possibilities for development in space which are opening up "right now&…

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