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This website along with other UFO researching websites belonging to UFO Sighting's Footage has been year's in the making.

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It's my passion, my aim and my mission to bring you UFO sightings that are happening around the world right now as you read this. I've managed to make it my career through dogged determination and hard graft. Building up something new from nothing takes time and effort but it's worth it especially if you love what you do just as I do.

Ufology has come a long way.

Ufology research has gone from down here to up here in terms of acceptance! Believe me it was in recent memory that just mentioning the word UFO got laugh's and a barrage of not quite questions but more inquisitive judgements! Alway's people are judging what they don't understand and it's a shame.

So I'm making it my mission to educate people about the UFO activity going on in the skies which has already been ruled as active by the US Government. Take it up with them if you disagree!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I'm here to present what people are filming on a regular hourly basis. On a minute by minute basis practically everyday there's a plethora of new UFO sightings been reported to the likes of myself and up and coming UFO researcher's based around the globe. I deliberately mentioned globe. It ain't flat!

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