People In China Stopped Their Cars On Highway To Film UFO

Unusual looking UFO hovering in the skies over China sees an entire highway come to a standstill and all the occupants of the cars just casually get out and start filming this amazing UFO.

The people who caught this black UFO on camera have literally stopped traffic in China to record it!

Yes, if that happened in any western country you'd be hauled off to the police station and probably bullied for hours.


Anyways, on to a lighter note...

The feeling that these guys must be feeling knowing that this could be an Alien spaceship right before their very eyes must be amazing.

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It was enough for them to stop their cars, so that's really enough said about how they must of felt about this Unidentified Aerial Object, right. It's now November in 2020 and nobody has come forward with the evidence needed to get this thrown in the bin!

In other words, the ney sayers are quiet because it's a clear UFO. It was witnessed by many people and if there's one thing that really gets up the noses of the paid goons deliberately putting doubts in the minds of the public regarding UFO sightings it's total, clearly undeniable evidence which this is.

In the time it's taken to be filmed and uploaded, plus shared across the world via the Internet it's gained a ton of likes. People right across the world are saying it's a great UFO, they're saying that Aliens are on Earth right now. I totally understand why they are saying that because it does look real enough for all of them to pull over their car on the freeway and get out and film it! Don't compare this with the Goodyear blimp over the stadium recently.

This is the best possible place for UFO enthusiast's to come back and soak up the UFO sightings that people are witnessing.

The UFO is filmed hovering in one spot, it looks very real to me?

  • The people's reactions look very genuine and look real.
  • The Chinese people stopped a highway to see the UFO.
  • In my own view, stopping traffic to see a UFO - is real.
  • I have counted 12 people all filming this hovering UFO.

So after reviewing all the footage and the probable reasoning behind their behaviours, I do think that this UFO is a "Genuine Hovering Unknown Object".

GHUO - which will never catch on, lol.

But if it's Alien in origin, well that's anyone's guess as it could be man made for all we know or a balloon!

But I don't think so, do you.

Real UFOs probably would get this kind of reaction - unless we have a dance troupe from Shanghai doing a rehearsal of the classic broadway hit "Cats" on the freeway, motorway or highway (whichever you call it, i'm fine with either)?

I don't about you, but I can what seems like a classic Flying Saucer shape to this...


Your thoughts on this short but sweet video which was uploaded to YouTube on October 5th, 2016 and has gained more than "651 thousand views" - that's (651,622) in total.

That's amazing considering it's only a short UFO video and I ain't sure, but I don't think people in China are that excited about UFOs?

Unlike westerners who get very excited at the sight of a police helicopter at night - thinking it's a UFO but then we see the red flashing light and it's like "oh rubbish", lol.

So for a mass sighting of a UFO like this must get extra credits as each other can back it up, right.
Here's the short but sweet UFO over Chinese highway:

Your thoughts on this UFO evidence video with many, many eye witnesses.

Source ET Data Base YouTube.
Source Reference ET Data Base.
Source Reference UFO Sightings Daily.

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  1. Pulling your car up in the middle of a highway in the day is bonkers, right? Well loads of people did it in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to film a UFO that was hovering. This is insane behaviour, the whole motorway on both sides have just stopped in their tracks and all of them are filming this UFO, it's an incredible sight to see in this short video.

  2. Whenever they ask an "Expert" on this sort of thing they all come out with the insulting BS like ..its the planet Venus or a Lighthouse or a weather thingy whingy..

  3. This appears to be fake to me. If you pay attention to the "UFO" while the car makes any movement at the beginning of the video, you will notice the "UFO" moves with the movement of the car. Also, when the driver passes the front of the car, the "UFO" is on the car side of his head...

    1. I noticed the same thing, right at the beginning you can see the apparent UFO dip down with the windshield when the driver hits his breaks to stop. This is probably just people stopping to record a car accident and the UFO was inserted (by an amateur) after the fact.

  4. Where is everyone else’s footage. Only 50 seconds from one person. I call BS

  5. Way too many ads on these. Can’t see anything without seeing an ad for liposuction or something. Ugh. Frustrated

  6. How many years from now do you believe it will be before we actually see a clear picture of an aircraft made from another part of the universe. I will say when the public stops spending billooof dollars watching fiction.

    1. And if it was too clear you'd say again that it was a fake.


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