Nephilim Anunnaki King In Tomb Stasis Chamber Alive

This could change everything in terms of what we know to be our ancient past "timeline of events" people who lived back then and the technology we thought was used back then.

This is a Nephilim king who was awakened when he was discovered in Iran. There was also another ancient king who was awakened, but he never made it. This is a big story and it has many layers to it.


Most of this information is in Russian, and Google Translate isn't that good. But I have found lots of information on other sites with really outstanding information on ancient kings in stasis chambers.

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So, I'm gathering as much information as I possibly can to make an educated guess as to what exactly happened here. The video is great to go off.

One person on Reddit commented:

Super interesting! The dimensions of the dude's face look incredibly even. If it's a hoax, it's a decent one, and I would wonder at the capability/motivation of an Iranian to do such a thing. It's more than likely to me that it's legit, and if so, what will happen to it? - Reddit user

Then I'll probably have some kind of understanding as to what exactly happened to them all, as there were a few discovered.


This is just one of the kings that was kept "biologically alive," whatever that means, and there are others who have been awakened and have been relocated. The eyes are still looking up, and they seem to appear "OK," and they have a glass-like appearance to them. The body is in good shape, and the coloured lights around the top of the sarcophagus are on.


This is the information that was with the video, and that is just a tiny bit of the information that I've discovered as yet.

Real video evidence of the infamous sleeping Nephilim. The first shown was unearthed by accident and subsequently died of exposure shortly after, the second is still preserved within stasis and is biologically active. These beings are waking up all around the world! Many have already been secretly relocated somewhere else by covert government operations

There's a lot of information about this, so I'm going to put the basics here and provide you with the links to the places where you can research this for yourself. As this is one post, I can only put so much.

Plus, I don't want to take all the fun out of this discovery for you. The best parts are what you discover yourself - just like it was for me when I first came across this

To say that this was "fun" and intriguing is an understatement! It's a 12,000-year-old Annunaki king who's been kept artificially alive in a tomb within a sarcophagus. What's not to like about this? It could potentially change everything - I'm now wondering why it hasn't, though.

Is this something the King was aware of? Did he indeed order this upon himself, and is this something that can be replicated in today's world with our understanding?

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What else can we learn from this technology, and what else can we gain from this super-advanced technology?

Learning and gaining are different, but both go hand in hand.

There have been a few discovered around the world, and a few videos showing different kings and different-looking "beings" in different tombs and different sarcophagi. Ancient times were different. We all know that, right? But how different were they from us now, and what were the real hidden secrets?

This is a king, and he's been buried alive.

He's been kept alive by exotic and foreign technology in a tomb, which you can see in the images and video below. This is an obvious king who has been put in a tomb in a granite sarcophagus, and he's been artificially kept alive by some kind of technology. There is light on in this tomb, and the different "coloured glass" is lit up.

Here's the amazing video showing a real Nephilim King:

The video is brilliant, but it opens up more questions than it answers.

  1. Is this alien technology?
  2. Is this ancient higher knowledge?
  3. Is this a secret and hidden technology?
  4. Is this technology from a "secret order"?
He has deep red hair.

Guys, there is also a Russian-speaking video on YouTube about this, and that's because the story talks a lot about and is based in many parts of Russia. I've provided you with enough links to places where I think you can have a good understanding of this whole story. It's fascinating, it makes sense, and if this is true, then we need to reevaluate everything that we know about history and challenge the "story of now" narrative! The global elite are discovering these and imprisoning them around the world, this information can be found on the Exopolitics website (link provided below in the source links).

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  1. Nephilim King in a stasis chamber "tomb" was discovered in Iran and has been secretly imprisoned by the Global Elite. I come across this and thought (like anybody would) that this can't be real? But then I began to research this and found myself believing it more and more. This is amazing and the video is what I started researching from.

    1. If you believe in the Nephilim than you have to believe in God and it that is true than that can't be a Nephilim because they all died in the flood.

  2. I am sorry to say, but this is likely a hoax made by Kurdish/Iranian pranksters. An ancient graveyard was discovered in Kurdistan District with about 20 bodies in 2008, immediately after some pranksters thought they could capitalize off the discovery by saying the corpse of an ancient Bulgarian Warlock and his men was found. They dressed one dummy up to look that way and filmed it. A few years later people were saying it was Gilgamesh, and then a couple ears later they were saying it was a Nephilim. Go to this link. There are a lot of weird stuff going on with our hidden past, but this isnt one of them.

  3. The smartphone is a product of alien technology, along with a microwave ect. Us mere humans aren't that intelligent.

    1. night vision from the greys eyes michro chips the onlyb thing is they can freeze our bodies and sometimes erase all memories which is another thing the CIA desperately wanted imo btw i think iran iraq wars were 2 acces stuff like that body and other old new lol tech

  4. Yeah not believing this. You notice that the pictures they have on soo called phenomenon are always blurry. Nah thinking this is not real. There are things we need to discover but I don’t see any substantiated proof

  5. lol anunakis was big as giants..not small as one grandma

  6. Hi, I wouldn't of believed this either if it wasn't the fact I meet one of the King's myself, he is now the manager of McDonald's in Norwich, England. He blow my mind with the things he told me, also gave me a big Mac result.


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