Most Clearest And Closest Video Of The Black knight Satellite πŸ‘½πŸ›°πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½

The Black Knight Satellite closest and clearest video.

This is the best video of The Black Knight UFO which is orbiting our planet. The UFO has been observed many times and the videos we've already seen are well and good but this one is the clearest and the one which is the closest to it.

There's a lot going on in the video even though it is a short one. It lets us know for sure that people have been near The Black Knight satellite, UFO or Alien spaceship - you decide what you want to call it.

The thing is, NASA has to take ownership of knowing about this as this has to be a NASA video?

The Black Knight Satellite closest and clearest video or is it a UFO.

It is very unusual and the one thing which is most clear to me is the thruster on the side. It is white in color with a silver ring around it. It also looks like it has a window at the front.

We don't really recognize it because it's an Alien craft so we wouldn't recognize it would we? The fact that it's in space is why we are really (and guessing) able to say that this is Alien as it's not ours.

It makes very good sense to me, this if found on Earth would be anything maybe? It is definitely one of the most strangest things in space!

The Black Knight Satellite closest and clearest video ever.

Has NASA even taken ownership of this except to say it's part of a heat shield? Because now we know it is an Alien spaceship with a thruster, we've actually caught NASA in a straight up lie and a cover up.

Have they even said that this is theirs and it's X, Y or Z other than it been a part of the heat shield, like a blanket or a piece of metal?

The Black Knight Satellite closest and clearest video NASA ever made.

I don't remember them actually admitting to owning it and telling us what it is but that's my own opinion and it might not be right?

The fact that it's there though and looks intelligently made is why i'm saying it's Alien in origin.

Source UFOi73 Instagram.
Source NASA.


  1. Blatantly a heat sheild 'blanket' there has been footage on tv showing the moment the blanket escaped from workers/astronauts.. you see it flapping about untill it hits this shape then obviously people assumed this is the fabled black knight

    1. What, "you see it flapping about" in space? How is that possible unless it's windy. :)

  2. I was more interested in the flying triangle in the video.

    1. The flying triangle in the lower orbit is an SR-71 Blackbird and I don't believe the other (unknown) persons comment. Why would NASA, the US Air Force and stakeholders in the ISS spend so much time and effort on a blanket that would eventually dissolve in re-entry or become unusable thereafter? There's another video of this from a different angle with the ISS, space shuttle, Black Knight and the SR-71 Blackbird, however, the video was wiped clean of any image of the SR-71.

  3. Replies
    1. You mean space junk with airplane style search lights or landing beacons? Come on you're so lame in your thinking. I am sure you can do better than that. It's probably why you remain unknown. Why not produce the image presented by the above author.

  4. Everyone knows that NASA is run by the Department of Defense(ive), Right? George Washington was THE last American President to tell people the truth.

  5. The triangle shaped object came from the BK space craft. It does not appear on the other side. So the SR-71 comments are bullshit!


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