The Best New TR3B Video Filmed Hovering Over Witnesses Home

I loosely say "TR3B" because I don't think that this is conforming to anything that TR3Bs are known for.
It's hovering, I've only ever seen TR3Bs in videos flying forward or what looks to be forward.

Black Triangle shaped UFOs flying over the US and been filmed by eye witnesses.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of the black triangle shape UFO over the USA.

Here's two screenshots from the video which was filmed over the USA by the witness filming it over his property in the rain.

Firstly, are TR3Bs even real?

These supposed craft's are triangular in shape and it's good to note that there's no way to know which way these are flying? I've pointed that out because this might help determine if it's manned?

There's no way to identify the front end from the back end or the side of this bizarre looking spaceship. It's one of the strangest craft's that anyone will ever film and that's bar none. I can't wrap my head around or understand how these craft's could fly let alone hover silently.

See, right there again the word I've had to use is silently.

I genuinely don't know of any craft that can fly, hover or other in the sky and it's this size... It's just absolutely unashamedly massive! I say unashamedly because for a supposed "top secret" aerial vehicle it's large. Does it need to hover that low to the ground?

Does the company/Extraterrestrial entities have any thoughts as to why it needs to be so large?

Leaked photo of a black TR3B Black Manta craft.

An older but similar looking black Triangle shaped UFO.

Does the Black Manta TR3B exist? I've linked to two separate places for you to look up "Wikipedia and JSTOR" and see the video below.

Okay after looking up the TR3B, Black Manta, Phoenix light's and Wikipedia articles there's no information as such specifically from official stances but many different side ideological sites and even clinicians working on Ufology and eye witnesses. Lot's of leaked information is available through one specific site here. But on the technology side of thing's it's secret, officially it doesn't exist and what does exist is supposedly (that word again) back engineered.

These craft's if real are amazing. Here's a quick quote:

The American military industrial complex has developed in secrecy an array of futuristic aircraft and space vehicles, operated according to new energy technologies such a electro and magneto-gravitation with the aim of achieving the control of space. Though by definition impossible to confirm from official sources, his revelations have received indirect validation from hundreds of visual observations reported by expert witnesses and are broadly supported by certain government-related informants.


So, I know that the official stance is going to deny that these exist. They don't mention the argument against in a equal measures sort of way. The official stance is a specific worded document. The challenge is equally important so one won't accept the other, what do we base our beliefs on based on that? Whatever you want to believe, that's the beauty of researching thing's that interest you.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: Wikipedia/JSTOR/UFOBrazilNetwork Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I saw one hovering over about forty people in St Martin. I had to do research to find out it was a tr3b. Initially I thought it was alien because it had no sound but I could see the trusters correcting the motion. The one I saw didn’t have the center light. Mine had three round thrusters on each corner and around the thrusters there were small jets coming out correcting it’s balance. It hovered over us for about two minutes without sound then slipped over the horizon in a second and again without sound. Made my head spin until I read about the tr3b. Wish we could know more about this obviously secret craft. Most probably highly military. It’s not that secret anymore guys, you can share.

    1. I hade the exact same experience about 10 years ago. We were 6 people in a cabin in the deep swedish forest. We were looing at the sky all night. All of a sudden these 3 dots apper.
      They were hoovering in silence far away and we grabbed the strongest flashlight we could find and tried to interact with them. The thing started to move closer when it saw our light. It got so close (300-400m away) that all of us got really scared and took shelter in the cabbin. We were concidering if this was real but everybody saw the same thing… the 3 dots, hoovering in silence.
      We went out again after a while but it was gone.

      I have told many people this story but no one belive me. When i saw this article i finaly feel sane. Thanks

  2. I've been studying ufos since the 1960s from photos and books etc etc and trying to piece clues about them. I've had a notion that the triangular one and others speed could be advanced dialectic stress, giving them rapid acceleration, and powerful photons for hovering, the white light being the result. Ufo researchers now believe they are powered by an advanced nuclear device. Edward Harris, editor. W U J


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