Intelligence Official David Grusch Goes Public On UFOs

David Grusch recently gave an interview to News Nation which I've seen he claims that UFOs are being retrieved by the US Government and there are many.

Recovered UFO on low loader truck USA David Grusch.

I normally do not cover stuff like this seriously go back through all my years of writing and "government sources" is something that I don't like to cover because I'm yet to see one pan out with results.


Not one has resulted in anything but a tightening down of the hatches by sources within the Government afraid they're going to be outed by the whistleblower!

I can only say how I feel about this I won't be fake!

And it's a very real concern because he's already done it to the country. I remain sceptical regarding this story.

We just don't and this will be no different, have any evidence so it's just words at this point. I might change my mind later if he pulls out some actual evidence. There are some very good-sounding words by News Nation it seems they've pulled out all the stops on this "story".

Call me cynical but...

After February of 2023 when we were this close to it, for it to be delivered like it was but taken away at the last minute and nobody has muttered a word about it since then I'm a sceptical. We've got the jet's videos and nobody has asked for them! There's only me asking for them. And yes it's probably the only evidence that would at least give us some real answers.

Look, I ask for people to send me their UFO sightings and which people do, readily. I give my opinion on them and share them trying to get a bigger picture of where they are and how many are here.

There's only so much anyone can do in researching UFOs on a shoestring budget and that's the stone-cold sober truth. Other than going from one event to another researching info from years gone by there's nothing I or anyone else can do especially if a colonel in the US intelligence committee can't do anything what could I change? So I compile the video evidence from everyday people with nothing to gain by it.

That's the truth.

Researching UFOs is up to you and which direction you go in! That's just the way it as well unless you've got billions in the bank and you could go interview everyone who's filmed a UFO then it's researching UFOs like every other person.

The reality of the truth is good for the soul, it's liberating.

On a shoestring budget, it's more like reality and it's back to information gathering and that's me just being real. I hear these stories every other week from the Canadian defence minister to European ministers and all the other top secret officers with clearance for this and that. None have come forward with evidence. Nothing changes in every sense of the word "nothing."

Sorry for the truth but it's true.

I don't want to further their ego and yes you best believe that plays a part in their story amongst the so-called whistleblowers, they're just blowing smoke up our collective butts!

He could have been brought in but wasn't. He says it himself. He's based it all on what people told him around the water cooler otherwise he'd have shown it on his TV show.

I'm yet to see one, just one whistleblower's "whistles" actually bring about change, results or a UFO on parade so we can all see it. If anything it only makes the Government pull rank, they will now close ranks, plug the once open gap's and they will now cement classified information within a bunker (we all lose) that won't be accessed by anyone and they will be more compartmentalized than before! Less trusting. And they will be less forthright than before!

Guaranteed that this guy's Chinese whispers (that's what it is he says so himself about what people have told him) have hurt Ufology. Guaranteed.

This does nothing but hurt Ufology because not one thing has resulted in anything than what we already know!

What have we learnt from this "on a level" that we didn't already know before? What's this changed, nothing is the answer.

To all bloody whistleblowers take evidence because otherwise, you're hurting Ufology with your cool-sounding plausible story, take a piece with you next time!

This will have people in favour and against I'm sure but ask yourself what did you learn that you didn't already know?

Yes, I'm pissed because we've learnt nothing that we did not already know. The TV show got tons of cash in advert revenue you best believe that it got millions and we just got words, a story that we've heard before from the Canadian defence minister.

At least he was higher in rank.

Whistleblowers (storyteller) are good in lots of circumstances but Ufology, it's just words. You're telling us things that we already know. Next time (which you won't) walk out with an Alien bracelet or a headband that connects to their ship! But words, jeeeeeeeeez give me a bloody break.

Or a single piece of paper will do!

Scenario (stay with me);

"I've got a scary story, sit round while I tell you that the Government lies." About how you've all been lied to blah de bloody blah.

I've heard it all a bazillion times before and so have you! It's tiring. This is why I don't normally cover this because it's just words arranged like flowers. All puffy and fluffy with keywords to put you on the edge of your seat.

It's a bloody story.

I want evidence. Your rank, the fact that you're a patriot (but turned on your country) means I'm keeping you at arm's length because you say one thing while you do something else!

Sorry buddy that's just the stone-cold truth. Nobody is going to trust you now and for what? You've hurt Ufology along the way. Oh, you got cash for it from the TV show.

According to Grusch, these UFOs are not of this world blah blah blah and are being studied by the government, yes we know. He also stated that the government is keeping this information classified and that the public is not being told - yes we know oh and the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial life is real yadda yadda.

That too, we already know. It's a recycled story with someone different in the hottest.

Grusch's claims are not without controversy as we already know, as many skeptics question the validity of his sources which you'd expect and the accuracy of his statements etc. However, Grusch maintains that he has spoken to reliable sources (best believe him then) within the government who have confirmed the existence of these UFO retrievals.

Hmm. I've heard this before. Sorry for sounding like a stuck record but it's fitting.

The possibility of extraterrestrial life and government cover-ups has long been a topic of fascination and debate. While there is no concrete evidence to support Grusch's claims, his interview has reignited the conversation and added to the ongoing mystery surrounding the existence of UFOs and their potential connection to other worlds.

The key is to reignite the debate but by who and for what reason?

Ask the mainstream media who wants ratings!

I'm out.

Get all you can at the Debrief.

Credit: The Debrief/News Nation/Grusch/Government/Advertiser's/but not Ufology.

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