Video Of A Recovered Alien Being That Looks Real

Alien recovered from a crashed UFO.

Firstly, it seems this was anonymously published without a story as it could probably identify the person who filmed this. That's probably why we have a lack of story?

We still have the responsibility to investigate this and ask questions about this because if we don't then ALL the stuff whistleblowers give to the public is for nothing.

I'm not saying this is real or that this was actually recovered from a crashed UFO - but what I am saying is that this is very convincing and for one minuet, let's just imagine that this is real?

Alien recovered from a crashed UFO and videoed.

If it is real, I mean it actually could be real but as the lack of information doesn't fill me with confidence but that's why I choose to post this and that's to try to reach out to people who do know what this is? It's research by many on the disclosure project.

If this was anonymously sent to someone who published it on behalf of or wanted someone to publish this on behalf of but not to tell the world who it was from, then that's OK!

That's fine and even if it makes it even harder to believe the whole story of Aliens existing then that's fine because it's better disclosed "out in the open" as supposed to sat in someones vault never to see the day of light.

If this is a fake Alien video then it's a good one.

NASA and their cohorts are not going to tell us anything that we don't already know as they have made it very clear that they will not say in public that ANY UFO is real. It's sad but after decades of the door been slammed in the face of disclosure, we need to accept it. But there is hope one day they will do an about turn.

Video close up of an Alien.

They will not say publicly that Aliens are real and it always takes a courageous whistleblower or a very brave scientist (usually a breakaway scientist) to tell their individual stories? No matter how hard to believe, no matter how unusual it is.

The UFO images and the UFO videos out there (without a story) still need to be investigated aswell. Just because someone has anonymously posted a video of a UFO or a video of an Alien recovered from a crashed UFO - doesn't mean it shouldn't be investigated or published.

Here's the great video of a supposed Alien:

Source ufosirius Instagram.


  1. I have researched this subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial since the mid-1970s. I have seen much evidence, and that particular alien body, does look real. It looks like a grey alien also known as a Zeta reticulan, from The Zeta reticuli star system about 39 light years from here.

    1. I agree with you. Our government is leaking photos little by little to prepare us for the truth.

    2. no doubt btw betty hill mentioned zeta reticuli (which aligned w the pyramids when built!!) and scientists found about 8 YEARS LATER!!!

  2. The possibility is positive,we have seen how gravity can influence shapes,like sea's living fish and crustacean etc.

  3. The possibility is positive,we have seen how gravity can influence shapes,like sea's living fish and crustacean etc.

  4. The eyes have the large "sunglass "lens covers removed. That being is consistent with the hundreds of photos I have seen with the covers on and covers off. Their eyes must be very sensitive to our Sun's light. If it's true, and there is another solar system just outside of our solar system, that "Sun"is a brown dwarf star and therefore would be dimmer, causing the evolution of large eyes to see better on their home plane.



  5. Great stuff.
    The more footage/photos out there in the public domain the better. Whether reliable or otherwise it is there to see & make our own decision regarding authenticity.
    At Last!

  6. the alien portrayed here, looks similar to the ones shown in the tv program aired last year called Project Blue Book. check it out


  7. It’s a real alien. My dad worked at Wright Patterson when he came home from Nam. When he was about to transition, he told me what he saw and this type of grey was described to me as of what my dad saw . He had high clearance so I believe him


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