Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of our website is dedicated for the users explaining how their data, information and activities are managed under our team. We have also mentioned how their data is saved through over domain and the how it is shared with the Google and other third-party service providers through cookies. Thus, we have explained each and every step of data usage considering the laws and regulation under the compliance of Google, EU User Consent Policies and US DCMA Laws.

Since the website is all about the discussion regarding UFO sightings, Aliens, conspiracies, and theories. Therefore, we trying to be an authentic source and forum for public discussion, it is understood in the process user data always involved. Thus, our policies are under the consideration of the protection of Online identity of the Users.

We are specifically following the user protection privacy policies on our website mentioned under UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). All of the relevant guidance we have mentioned are also published under the regulation of European Data Protection Board (EDPB). To make the policy understandable for the users, we have summarized each key point as simple as possible. Moreover, we have also explained what cookies are and how are they associated with Google, and any third-party service providers in user’s region. We have also explained why they are important for the best users’ experience.

How Users’ Data and Information is Collected and Used

Any website can collect the user’s data in two ways. One source of gathering data is through voluntarily and other is the involuntarily method that is through the browser. The voluntarily data and information collection is through the commenting on the post. Since our website is an open discussion forum as well, we have always welcomed the user to post comment and take part in the discussions. For that, we often ask for their Name and Email address. The purpose of collecting the email address is to let the use know if the comment was inappropriate for the community. We often send them an email letting them know that their comment has been removed if it does not match our audience rules of appropriate commenting.

We also use the email addresses for sending out the newsletters and updates on our website and blogs. You can always unsubscribe from this service. Other than that, we will never mention any of the entered email addresses of the users to the audience and visitors The involuntarily user data is collected through the identifiers. The presence of the person online is always assigned to an identifier like IP address or cookies through the browsers. These identifiers change every time you are online and are assigned anonymously through the local internet service providers, websites, and the website domains. Therefore, you cannot really control them or try to opt out from the process. Then we have concept of DART cookies. If you are visiting the websites through a third party vendor or browser like Google or Google Ads then we will receive the information through DART cookies. To know more about cookies, please view our cookies section below. For more information check Google's privacy & term's site.

Data Protection System

Indeed, we are very much concerned about the users’ data and information protection. Therefore, we have reached out the best encrypted domain and server systems. we keep these systems updated for the security so it can help us in the protection of our databases and the domain of the website.

What are Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information and data that the browser often saved on your computer’s hard disk and memory. This is a custom service depending on the browser and the user. The main purpose of saving these cookies is to reduce the loading time of the website and let the website adjust the ads according to the user’s taste and interest upon first time visiting or revisiting. Thus, we also follow a strict rule regarding the cookies under the articles 13 and 14 of the EU regulation n.2016/679.

Mostly the websites ask the users to accept their permission for accessing cookies. You can accept it or disagree, but it does not matter since the cookies setting can be changed through the browser’s setting. Nevertheless, these cookies saved in your computer hard disk will never harm the system, they are just made to make the browsing experience smooth.

How we use the Cookies?

Even though there are many types of cookies, but we are going to discuss how cookies are used generally. Basically, cookies are used for both web developers and the users. As we discussed, cookies are saved on the hard disk drive. These cookies save the interest and search history of the user therefore, it helps the website in accessing the advertisements that set perfectly to the users’ interest and many time they may find what they were looking for. If we talk about how Google Ads work, then we must mention the Persistent cookies. These cookies save the user data on your computer they time you first time visit a website and keep the cookies for next time visit. This helps in fast loading and easy access to the website.

Google Analytics

Indeed, Google has made the website development and maintenance easy with its multiple services, Google analytics is one of them. This system helps in generating the cookies and saves it over the google servers. With the help of the information and data stored over the servers, it is easy for google to evaluate the website performance and rank. We can easily see them and work through the website according under the legal laws of Google and DCMA. Google Analytics never saves the any data from the user especially the IP address or personal data. It uses the utma cookies that usually programmed to be saved for two years in case the user visits decides to visit the same website again.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The privacy of our website are updated on 20.03.2022. All the changes in the policies will be updated to the same page periodically.

Contacting Us

For any query and question regarding the policy, contact us here. It will take a week for us to answer but we will answer them deliberately.

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