Alien Was Recovered In The USA And Here's The Evidence

On October 15th 1997, American Dr Jonathan Reed had a bizarre encounter with an Extraterrestrial entity in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

Alien known as Freddie recovered in 1997 Cascade Mountains USA.

The diamond shape UFO Cascade Mountains 1997 Dr Jonathan Reed.

Close up image of Cascade Mountains USA 1997 diamond UFO.

Omg there's been so many different updates since 1997 about the Alien (nickname Freddie) and about Dr Reed plus the silver bracelet that the entity Freddie was wearing (see video for that) that I've simply not got enough time to list them all.


Dr Jonathan Reed has apparently been shot in the shoulder, close friends of his have died and he's been pursued relentlessly by unknown agents for the bracelet which he apparently got from the Alien. The Alien entity known as Freddie is apparently back on his home planet now, as the story goes he only tied him up after knocking the Alien entity out with a bat.

After losing his dog which he later found and it was lifeless just after that's when he stumbled upon the Alien. In a moment of panic, he hit the Alien and had to drag it back home. Dr Jonathan Reed took several photos of the Alien and its craft which have been featured all over the world in various media outlets since then. There's videos on YouTube by Jonathan Reed himself and while there's plenty of people's messages and opinions everywhere about this I think it's wiser to hear it from himself. He's very intelligent, articulate and very knowledgeable about history, culture and world culture's. It's how he puts it together that is fascinating.

This incredible story has left many people wondering about the existence of extraterrestrial life and rightly so. The photographic evidence is certainly bizarre, unique and must lend credit to the whole story otherwise if it's not then it's the unthinkable hoax. If it is a hoax which is not off the table then it's probably going to go down as the most plausible Extraterrestrial story and will live in infamy forever.  Adding to the mystery of the encounter what happened to the diamond shape UFO? Where's the silver Alien bracelet now? While some may doubt the authenticity of Reed's story, it's hard to deny the strange and unexplainable events that took place.

Check this out:

Reed, accompanied by writer and supporter Robert Raith, gave a tearful and emotional account of meeting the part-Reptilian, part-Gray alien to Congress.

Yes the United States Congress!

And it all started while out on a walk with his dog. He even made a video in October 1997 the day it happened was on October 15th 1997. In the video he can be heard hyperventilating and struggling to breathe. It's one of the most bizarre cases of UFO and Alien encounters that has ever been captured up close and personal.

It's going to divide people which is to be expected.

In other videos from 2009 on YouTube he (Dr Reed himself) gives a talk saying that there is multiple universe's which we know that there is and that's science not opinion. Because the video is from 2009 he talks a lot about 2012 been a very significant year of change and that the universes are trying to become one universe? I'm quoting Dr Reed there.

We do know that in 2012 a very significant thing did happen. CERN and the particle accelerator recreated the big bang. Effectively they recreated a universe within a universe so he correctly predicted that spot on. There's a lot to unpack and think about in Dr Reeds speech but it's undeniable that it's unusual and mesmerising to say the least.

Personally, I find this story fascinating and it's one that has stuck with me since I first heard about it. The idea that we are not alone in the universe is both exciting and terrifying. Who knows what other encounters are out there waiting to be discovered.


In 1997, American Jonathan Reed discovered an Extraterrestrial entity in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state after losing his dog. He later found the dog lifeless and the Alien, which he hit and stored in his freezer. Reed took several photos of the Alien and its craft, and the story has been featured in numerous media outlets worldwide since then. The photographic and video evidence is truly bizarre. What are your thoughts on this incredible story?

If you want to see the bizarre video of the recovered Alien here it is.

Video updated.

Also see "Express" for more information.

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Credit: Dr Jonathan Reed/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Worst fake ever.

  2. the link to the video doesn't work... But here's a link that does.. Impressive over-acting.. particularly after getting sick and vomiting.. and the video is pretty much as expected, jerky and out of focus..


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