UFO Fires Bolt Of Light Next To One World Trade Building

Okay, I've got a real treat for you today which is a UFO object seemingly firing something from the craft itself right next to the One World Trade Building!

UFO filmed next to One World Trade Building fires bolt of light.

Boomerang shape UFO sighting over New York City.

It's not a drone as you'll find out why later in the witness statement. It's a truly amazing UFO anomaly as it must be something, but what and from where?


If that doesn't get you all fired up (I keep writing puns today) then nothing will. The 3 videos have just been sent to me through Instagram DMs and my jaw was opening as I watched more and more.

This "pointing arrow" shaped UFO or Boomerang shape as the witness described it as can be seen on camera though it's a wee bit small but that's only because the UFO itself is quite far away firing a white bolt of light from what I call the front of it. But get this, it does it twice! A little bit further into the video the UFO seems to fire upwards.

I've slowed down the video at these moments to highlight the UFO firing what can only be described as a weapon. I mean what else is it? Usually, it's only weapons that shoot thing's at incredible speeds. That's just my opinion on the matter.

Witness statement 1:

I believe that I shot the best and clearest video of Ufo. I mean it’s amazing footage! I mean it was a pretty intense sighting. I also witnessed with 5 other people so I also have their eyes. I have other videos also. To be honest I’ve been hesitant to show one of them where the craft seems to teleport. I had a literal rocket scientist from NASA look at the videos with no sort of explanation. I want to get the video out and get explanations. I just want to add that I and the other 5 people saw a perfect circle of haze/smoke around the craft-like protective almost. John Black

Now it's not every day that we can see what looks like a UFO firing what looks like a bolt of light. But that's possibly what we're seeing here. It's not a reflection unless reflections are happening 3 or 4 feet away from the reflective surface with nothing in-between to reflect the light. There's nothing in front of the UFO to reflect any light off so it can't be a reflection!

Witness statement 2:

It was 2:30 pm on Friday - June 2, 2023. The place is NYC. I spotted it beside the One World Trade Building. I’m on the 69th floor across the street and it was about 20 stories higher than my space. So probably about 90 stories up. The craft was spinning horizontally. The craft was metal as I’d never seen, almost mirrored. It was about the length of the helicopter so I’d imagine it was 20-30 feet. The craft was also shaped like a boomerang. It seemed to me that the craft was malfunctioning almost. Going up and down, then staying level while spinning. John Black

That's probably one of the most detailed descriptions of a UFO sighting that's over New York City! Think about what's just been written and then think about this happening just beside the One World Trade Building! That's why this is one of the most bizarre things I have probably ever written about.

  • Date and Time: June 2, 2023, 2:30 pm
  • Location: NYC, besides the One World Trade Building.
  • Observation Point: 69th floor across the street.
  • Craft Height: Approximately 90 stories up.
  • Craft Description: Metal, almost mirrored, boomerang-shaped, length of a helicopter (20-30 feet).
  • Craft Behavior: Spinning horizontally, malfunctioning, going up and down, staying level while spinning.
  • Firing what looks like a bolt of light.

There's no end to the UFO sightings that everyone but me is filming and yet I feel content knowing that it's someone's job to collect and bring to life the UFO sightings that people are filming. Yes, people are reporting them to places like MUFON and NUFORC who I have to say do a great job especially the latter. But they don't bring them to you the public unless you specifically go to them.

Whereas I bring you up-to-date UFO sightings footage as they happen as I get them.

That's all well and good but Ufology needs people to spread the word and I'm trying my hardest to show people what's happening around us. Thank you so much for either following a link on social media or finding us on Google and other search results. Please spread the word about UFOs that are here.

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully leaving a comment, cheers. Please share this post, thanks.

Credit: John Black/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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