6 UFOs Caught On NASA Live Feed Passing The ISS

The live feed cameras on the ISS International Space Station captured footage of six unidentified flying objects passing by.

UFOs are filmed flying past the International Space Station.

A closer look at the UFOs flying past the ISS.

Shortly after, NASA cut the live feed again but continued to display it on the large screen in mission control.


That's NASA's proof that they must have seen the UFOs flying past the International Space Station and they did nothing but change the view! Should the same people be on the UAP disclosure investigation panel? My answer is no because there's proof that they don't investigate their own UFO sightings.

Here's a simple test:


Did you investigate this particular UFO sighting?

The answer:

No, at least publicly we didn't hear a peep about these obvious UFOs and instead, it was left up to self-appointed people to deny it on their behalf which is what NASA get's its money for to investigate evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space.

Self-appointed researchers like myself just want answers. I don't deny "any UFO sighting" until the evidence backs it up and not until. Just because someone has great use of the English language doesn't mean that this is not a UFO!

It is clear that NASA had seen the UFOs on the live feed, and that's why the screen was cut shortly after.

This incident raises questions about NASA's handling of UAP disclosure, as there are numerous examples of the agency covering up UFO sightings near the ISS. Perhaps it is time for NASA to investigate these occurrences more thoroughly. Or should they be anywhere near the UAP disclosure because realistically how can we have any confidence in NASA when we see stuff like this?

It's left to people who are not professional observer's to argue amongst themselves about who's got the best theory!

There's the one side saying it's UFOs and it's gotta be Alien entities and on the other hand there's the people who want to sound like a NASA expert by saying that it's a ice particle. Yeah right, that's one of the largest groups of ice particles ever witnessed, I say sarcastically.

They offer up no explanation as to where the ice particles came from by the way just like we UFO believers can't offer up any information on where the UFOs came from.

You decide what you want to believe in but please use your eyes and your common sense also ask yourself why wasn't this one looked into...

The fact that NASA actively tries to ignore the UFOs and cuts the camera footage of the UFOs doesn't explain what we all saw in the live feed. It's called covering it up like it never happened. The video in question is from 2010 and has been shared on YouTube a few times. Streetcap1 shared it over 6 years ago.

Use your common sense on this one and just see it for what they are. NASA won't point them out and it's as if they didn't happen at all yet it's there in NASA's footage! It beggars belief.

Please share your thoughts on this post, cheers. And also please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: Streetcap1/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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