UFO Sighting At The ISS Looks Like A Formation

This one goes out to all the people who cannot understand why they haven't seen a UFO yet!

I thoroughly get it that it sucks that we're not seeing any Aliens or their expensive vehicles. Trust me, even I thought that by now I'd of had at least one UFO related event so your not alone. But nope, not a single damned one, ever. Not so much as a sniff or a whiff of an Orb or a "shooting star". So, maybe there's people who really are meant to see them and then there's the people who won't be seeing a little green man/woman or a Flying Saucer.

It sucks egg's and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Unless, there is one way to even out the odds or better still, give us the edge...

Yep, and that would be the conspiracy theorists favourite International Space Stations stupidly good, live feed. I say stupid because It's got the uncanny nack of having technical difficulties just as a UFO turns up.

NASA astronauts we're working like usual (doing what, nobody on Earth knows or cares) when three triangle shape crafts were captured by the on board cameras speeding past the ISS. Also, if the camera is so the astronauts can see the ISS, why are they always pointing outwards?

Three triangle shape crafts speeding past the ISS caught on camera.

Credit: NASA and unknown Aliens in crafts.

As crazy and unlikely as it may be, but one day we may discover the names of the Alien entities inside these crafts, especially if we get full disclosure. The Alien might say "that was actually me on that day"...

If you laughed at that statement then your not fully understanding what full Alien disclosure means!

It doesn't mean that we learn about Aliens and then we all go home and forget about it - it's going to change everything like beliefs around religion, how life got started in the universe, are there others, defence will be a huge issue, I.D chips might become mandatory, DNA purity checks, can humans and Aliens marry, have kids and create hybrids and then there's living arrangements, cooperation between the species, language barriers, technology trade wars.

MIB style spaceport just might be a reality.

If we discover one Alien entity exists, we will have to realise that there's probably going to be a planet somewhere full of Aliens "somewhere could be everywhere" and what does it mean for our security. Who actually owns space might even become a real debate...

Here's another UFO passing by the ISS which was caught on camera:

Another UFO passes the ISS and subsequently caught on cameras.

It will inevitably mean that we will identify specific times in history where events happened and we will find out who was there, Alien and human alike. We may even have a video of the event which was recorded by the ET because they are thousands of years ahead in technology.

The ISS live feed:

The way it's set up means that there's probably hundreds if not thousands of people all watching the ISS live feed at any given point, all seeing the exact same thing you and me are watching.

That would be NASA being dicks.

But that's okay because it means that we are playing an historic part of probably the biggest UFO sightings ever!

And the most credible UFO events ever! That's not too shabby.

Credit NASA/The Spiderman YouTube.


On the 21st of February 2019 an astronaut on board of the international space station filmed 3 UFO's from the spacestation viewport. These 3 mysterious objects passed the international space station in a straight line. When we zoom in on these objects they seem to triangular in form. One seem to change into a butterfly formation. What's important is that these object flew by the international space station in matter of seconds. The mathematical possibility that 3 pieces of space debris fly by the ISS in a straight line and appear very similar is close to ZERO.

Someone (not me) should look that up and see how many people saw the now famous ISS UFOs? I hear you say "which one"... Just pick any one and you can guarantee that tons of people around the world was watching the UFOs unfold on the screens - only for douchebags mere seconds later turn off the ISS feed and replace the Alien evidence with a "we are experiencing some technical difficulties or issues" screen.

Yeah right, pull the other one it chimes - it's more like due to unexpected traffic issues in the form of a Flying Saucer.

NASA has a huge monopoly on the live TV of Space right now (hurry up with the independent satellite space TV channels) and instead of showing us the awesome power of the Extraterrestrial crafts being able to travel in space, turning on a dime (doughnut to you and I) they censor it. If someone could count the actual amount of times a proper bona-fide UFO has appeared and then the live TV feed switches off, I bet you anything it's in the thousands of times?

Do you know what that means?

That means that there's a consciousness effort by NASA to censor the Alien activity. This also must mean that people within NASA have to have meetings to decide on the best way to handle any issues that may arise with the live feed from the ISS regarding UFOs and regardless of whether people see them and record the feed.

That's bloody blatant, it's devious, underhanded, it's a cover up and a total waste of money. Because all the NASA schedules are centered around finding Alien life in space. It makes a mockery of every effort ever taken, every astronaut lost. To make possible changes within NASA now is probably not possible or not doable because if they admit it, they become liars withholding the truth.

Every single word I've written in this post is an opinion. It's my opinion that NASA needs to share the love. Share it with people that the universe is alive with life.

In fact, it would only be confirmation because everyone knows deep down that there's definitely life in the universe.

Credit: NASA/The Spiderman YouTube channel/UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News.


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  1. Maybe they are remotely controlled When several dance to gether is it a type of message signals

  2. There out there. Not sure our motivation for hiding now?

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