Flying Saucer Videoed Silently Flying Over Houston Texas

Flying Saucer Videoed Silently Flying Over Houston Texas

Is this the best night time UFO filmed flying silently over the center of Houston, Texas.

The fact that several people have recorded this means that it's definitely real, but what is it? After it was caught on camera the eye witnesses shared their same incidents with Twitter and Facebook.

Okay, I totally get it that a UFO can be anything and I get it that it might be a military type of object but seriously, pointing that out everytime you see a UFO post or someone asking if what they're seeing is an Alien UFO is like a preprogrammed bot that's programmed to respond with a specific phrase.

I swear, this is every time either I or anyone come to think about it tries to say it could be an Alien vehicle. Someone always chimes in with the "it doesn't mean it's an Alien" and to be honest, it's getting boring and tedious.

Yes, we all know that it doesn't mean it's Alien so please refrain from repeating this. Please.

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Is this the best mass UFO sighting in the US skies?

After several people captured the same UFO from different parts of Houston it's become apparent that this was a mass sighting. These are super rare and when they are captured on camera they don't tend to be covered much by the major mainstream media itself and there's multiple suggestions as to why this is the case but nothing concrete.

Amazing looking UFO Filmed flying over Texas.

I know what I've just written but as I said "major mainstream media" will not cover it but Click 2 Houston did.

You might remember the Israeli UFO that was over Temple Mount and it was hovering but it shot off and I mean straight up into the atmosphere! That's what I'm talking about guys.

Having a UFO sighting over the city where you live must make you think any of the following:

What does a UFO want with the place where I live.

Is this a deliberate prank or a hoax by pranksters.

Is this a real ufo controlled by real Aliens inside.

Why the hell are they lit up like a Christmas tree.

What's the military up to yet again.

Will this be on the news tomorrow?

I wonder who else has seen this and how many have seen it...

Is this top secret technology.

Am I dreaming or am I having hallucinations?

These are all the thing's that people (me in particular) would think of. I would immediately think it's Real Alien evidence on my camera! Then it'd be secret and advanced technology and then I'd definitely call the police, lol. If I even remembered to, I'd live stream it to Facebook or Instagram and I'd probably call a friend.

Photo posted to Twitter shows the unusual object with what looks like a UFO Orb at either side of the oval looking UFO? This was taken in 2014.

But that's what I'd do, in the moment "so-to-speak" who knows if I'd be able to remember my own name? What I would remember though is that nobody is going to believe this?

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UFO caught on camera through a plane window.

This is a really exposed location with many people watching and recording the UFO.

I'm suspicious as to why I've only seen just one video of this (maybe it's because I've not looked hard enough lol).

What I mean is that I see many UFO videos everyday, but I'm only just seeing this now.

Hopefully I will start to see more of the same UFO but from different directions.

The lights are bright, but not directed at anything which is a little suspicious as that means they are bulbs with a reflected mirror behind them directing it out.

In no particular direction just out and up and down. Pretty much as a light in a car head lights would cast the light out in a forward direction but spread out.

Do UFOs have bulbs in their lights?

I thought that was a human industry?

Do Aliens have a need for bulbs or any places they would need to use a light bulb... There are a number of different things about this that add up and don't add up.

"I think the trick in UFO's is figuring out what else they could be."

Dr. Carolyn Sumners, vice president for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, told KPRC:

'It's easy to say that could be the aliens,' she added.

Sumners said that the stormy weather in Houston on Monday could be an explanation.

Here's the YouTube video brought to you by Hawkkeye Davis.

Check out the links in this post and see if you can suss out the possibility that it's Alien evidence or if it's taken out of context. Or see if it's a hoax, a cover up, a blatant lie created by pranksters etc. Make your own mind up and don't forget to check, double check and keep your mind open to possibilities.

Source: Daily Mail/Hawkkeye Davis YouTube/Click 2 Houston/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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