Plane Passenger Proper Shocked To See Something Hovering At 10,000 Feet

The Matrix is well and truly experiencing glitches with it's timeline in MUFON Case 90956.

This plane passenger was so shocked to see what looks like a hovering city or a cluster of skyscrapers (good guess) at 10,000 feet high!
No UFOs are in sight of this. But it's just as interesting though.

Floating city in the clouds above the US.

Credit MUFON.
But apparently there's lot's of people who saw the same thing on that plane. The plane was travelling way above the cloud anomaly at 39,000 feet.

What do you say to someone who tells you this kind of thing?

"Show me a photo or better still, show me a video of it and I'll debunk it instantly. So he or she proceeds to get out a phone and shows you what looks like a floating city."

I'm not sure if it's a real piece of evidence or if it's taken out of context like a structure or building complex on top of a mountain ridge or actually it's fog covering the ground or near to the ground etc.

This is one of MUFON better UFO sightings.

Credit MUFON.

What we need is this, a bona-fide eye witness statement which is not only acceptable as proof anywhere in a civilized court of law but also because an eye witness statement is 100 percent how we got to this point of Ufology.

So, we can't start dismissing what got Ufology to this very day. Why shouldn't we all accept what is being said here? And let's not forget it's also backed up with video evidence.

Airplane passenger states:

Was on a flight heading towards ft Lauderdale near Louisiana and when flying over the Gulf I saw something interesting after one and half hours into flight at an altitude of about 39,000 ft.

The pilot told me that the clouds below us in the plane are 6-10 thousand ft high up.

Here's the YouTube video:

Sources Daily Mysteries. UFO Mania.

Credit UFO News/UFO Sighting's Footage/Ufosfootage.

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