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Stop the nonexistent press machine because Ancient Aliens have been discovered in Underwater bases.

Sound's like crazy banana shaped shoes right, but in fact it's a serious statement if you think about it and that's no exaggeration. The History channel has created an episode dedicated to the Underwater bases, see below.


“According to local legends, those giants were able to travel the entire length of the island without seeing the light of day by utilizing subterranean tunnels.”

– Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
(Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

The Solomon Islands themselves are as mysterious as any folklore out there. From Giants helping humans to Giants killing people and destroying property to tunnels under the entire length of the Solomon Islands. Also let's not forget about the Underwater Alien bases.

The mountains around the area of the Solomon Islands must have entrances to these bases because locals have been seeing UFOs fly right in to them. Either they're crashing into the mountain side or an entrance is opening up? Volcanoes seem to be a favourite for the UFOs worldwide to fly into and out of. There's a webcam set up near the Popocatepetl active volcano South East of Mexico City and it's always catching UFOs coming and going into it. Maybe we need cameras set up around the Solomon Islands accessible remotely by anyone to monitor it.

Phil Schneider told us in the 1990's about DUMB's (Deep Underground Military Base's) and also let's not forget about Dulce, Area 51 and other places like that. So we definitely do have examples of what the History channel is claiming even though they don't actually seem to show us an underwater base.

There's light's seen by locals diving into the water, flying around the islands and up, out of the water... Does that remind you of anything?

What about the 2019 UFO videos released by the US Government?

Ancient Aliens hidden away from humanity getting up to "who knows what" and for what reason(s) and also for how long has it been going on under our noses?

Here's what I'm asking:

  • How many people 100 percent know about the real McCoy, bona-fide Alien bases off the Solomon Islands.
  • Where exactly are they and how the hell did they come to know about it?
  • Who can explain what they look like?
  • How many Extraterrestrials are there in these Underwater bases?
  • Are they even real or folklore?

The hidden, underwater Alien base must be where the UFOs are going. During the night possibly and maybe to refuel, this could be a sort of safe spot for the ufos? This is looking at it through human eye's don't forget, the Extraterrestrials might have another reason for this entirely?

UFO filmed flying out the ocean which means they have a base there.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva/YouTube.

If these Alien bases (watch the video below) is real then what's the implications of this? Which is more important - the Alien entities unsupervised, left to their own destiny or the possibility of creating even more deadlier advanced, weapon technology? And what is it aimed at? What do "they" have as a potential first target?

Yes, these are very valid questions and it's about as important and as serious for mankind as religion itself is because we know UFOs are real and they are not Russian or Chinese because the US would not release UFO videos that they knew was China's or Russias - they would not tip their hand or get rid of the ace up their sleeve!

Let's rewind to 2019 when the US Navy released three videos of UFOs. Every day I still see questions on social media asking if UFOs are real. Seriously, what the funk is going on with people not remembering that!

Bases under the oceans on Earth don't just pop up overnight so-to-speak. If there's real Alien entities present down there and they're either hiding out for good reasons or hiding out for bad reasons (in our vast range of oceans) then that's potentially explosive for any Government to know about, right?

But as for the public knowing, c'mon let's be honest here, people are going to point at you and say conspiracy theorist, fake news, liar, idiots, easily led, deluded or paranoid!

But to do nothing is tantamount to a cover up. Even on the part of the public, doing and saying nothing as far as I know is just as bad as covering it up.

I think that the legitimacy of the evidence rests solely on the ability to prove it, not who's providing it. The History channel is creating content to help disclose to the public that we're not alone.

The Solomon Islands 

Just because "evidence of Underwater Alien base" sound's plausible or it making sense does not and I repeat "does not" mean that it's true. Videos of Alien crafts that are recorded coming and going are likely to be contested and picked apart by one, two, three - in fact all the people at the Pentagon, the CIA and the DoD plus NATO combined along with and the rest of the known world.

How's about we watch this video? How's about we all watch this video and any other videos that you think might shed light on this and let's have a serious debate about what we have seen?

Source: History Channel YouTube
Source: UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News.

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