Meteorite Jettisoned A UFO Coming Over The Pyramids of Giza

Jettisoned UFO Orb deliberately and methodically flies out of a strange looking "white meteorite speeding right past the Pyramids of Giza.

I saw this unbelievable looking unique UFO Orb and I instantly thought that it was not a usual meteorite or a usual looking UFO. Combining the two with a backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza is about as unique as it gets. It's coming in hot from the North West looking at the Pyramids from the suburbs to the north of the Pyramids.

African UFO flies up and away from the meteorite it's hitched a ride with.

The White Orb peels away deliberately and as if it's reached it's departure destination or on time? It certainly seems to know exactly where it's going to? This UFO Orb starts to fly away but then upwards and out of sight. I'm not convinced that it is a hoax or a prank with the eye witness just so happening to be in the right place at the right time.

That can be said of every single UFO sighting since Alien Sunday way back beyond 2K years.

If your anything like me (frigging handsome) wanting answers or just a smidgen like me lol then your gonna wanna question everything. And why the bloody hell not question absolutely everything? Even though I say right now (in this moment) that the UFO sighting here is real. I might change my mind later on if and when it's definitively proven to be a stupid hoax.

The white UFO Orb here just leaving the UFO meteorite.

But that answer best make sense or it's out of the window. I can't stand deliberately faked UFO videos because they reek of deception and old Spice aftershave which I ain't no fan of.

UFO News YouTube video description:

Meteorites don't usually look anything like this one, it's white and leaving white smoke in it's wake but it's also releasing a UFO Orb which flies away from the meteorite and upwards! That behaviour is not typical of any meteorite or falling debris come to think about it? The UFO Orb is peeling off from the main craft, vehicle or whatever it is and then it literally flies in the opposite direction and it starts to climb upwards. It's bonkers right. But I also noticed a white-ish square over the White smoke which could suggest it's been manipulated and pasted into the video via photoshop? But look at the video quality itself, it's not the best so it could be pixels lost in the process of using rubbish software to record it? There's lot's of reasons why it might look rubbish... What's your best opinions on this mystery? Filmed over Giza in Egypt in 2017.

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Video created by UFO News.

Credit David Carlson.

Go out and research the one UFO incident that sticks out in your head. Get to the bottom of it, look up the places people say that this took place.

Credit: UFO News/David Carlson.

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