Atlantis Did Exist And Now We Know Where It Is

The lost city of Atlantis has been found it was hidden in plain sight.

Atlantis, the mythological lost city of Atlantis has now been discovered and it's in plain sight, discovered by Bright Insight! This researched information was actually eye opening, it still gives me goose pimples when I read it. That it's actually been discovered in our lifetime is extraordinary and mind boggling, but very awesome!

How many experts, researchers and other adventurers have come and gone over the many, many years and all have failed in locating the myth that is Atlantis? Well, this is the wall in the middle of the proverbial road so-to-speak. There's no need for anymore expeditions and or missions to locate and "plunder" the lost city of Atlantis. All you need to know is in the 20 minute video.

The lost city of Atlantis has been found it was hidden in plain sight.

Image Credit/Bright Insight

Guys, the information is and like always has divided opinions but that's only natural. The information put forward is like always subject to to change, maybe? It's all about matching up the evidence found with records and known information to come up with the "mor than likely" answer?

Atlantis has been apparently found on numerous occasions over the years but never panned out.

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Here's an extract from the information which was provided with the amazing video (below) uploaded to YouTube by Bright Insight:
I am going to connect the dots on the exact words that Plato used to describe Atlantis, its location, and the geographical land features that surround it, which were recorded in Plato’s dialogues, the Critias and Timaeus.
And the details that Plato shared of Atlantis, which I’m about to share with you in side by side comparison (in the video below), will show you that the Richat Structure located in Mauritania Africa, also commonly referred to as the Eye of the Sahara, or the Eye of Africa, is the most likely location for the lost city of Atlantis.

48 KM across guys, this could be the lost city of Atlantis.

Image Credit/Bright Insight

Well, after listening and checking out a few facts for myself I do believe that Atlantis has been discovered. We all have to draw that sand in the line sometimes especially when all our lives we've only been able to say "the lost city" of Atlantis. Well, now I believe it's the legendary found city of Atlantis and that doesn't take anything away from the magnificence of the event or what it stands for.

Here's the exceptional video with even more exceptional information. It's very good analysis comparison of history, mystery and facts along with all the other factors that played a part in solving this mystery. Amazing research and great conclusion.

Source Bright Insight YouTube.
Source Richat Structure Wikipedia.
Source Medium.


  1. I have the key to Atlantis from google maps under Florida 300 meters hint between the keys and homestead Florida large key hole same definitions of the foundations of Atlantis or it could be the key hole to hell not sure.


  3. The circular structure arose as a result of the impact of the whirlpool of flood water on the ground-the flood waters coming from the northeast rested on the hill in the West and created a whirlpool - which created a circular erosion of the bottom-now it is a desert

  4. Sorry but this is utter nonsense as this region has been investigated several times by geologists and archaeologists who found not a shred of evidence beyond that of primitive stone age inhabitants and occasional visitations by nomadic modern tribes. People trying to sell the pseudoscience mythology of Atlantis at this location based solely on satellite imagery that shows a 'circular' morphology. This is no different that seeing a 'blob' in the sky and leaping to this completely unsubstantiated conclusion that it's an extraterrestrial craft. Atlantis is a myth until and unless objective, verifiable evidence is discovered and presented to the scientific community. Not merely the useless ramblings of some self-proclaimed 'UFOlogist' on the internet trying to claim that they've solved a great 'mystery' while sitting in their mom's basement never having bothered to gain the level of education needed to stand alongside those who have.
    For example this locale has been determined to have been hundreds of kilometers from the nearest coastline for some 230 millions years. Therefore the possibility that the 'Atlanteans', a supposed maritime culture, developed so far inland then excavated a canal hundreds of kilometers to the sea is so absurd as to be ludicrous if not insane to say the least. This is just another case of someone devoted to a myth or pseudoscience idea becoming fixated on a trivial aspect to the point where they willfully ignore everything else including objective, verified evidence to frantically cling to their 'great discovery' that is nothing more than a delusion.

  5. Atlantis the golden city of haven!


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