White UFO Seen From A Plane Over US

Amazing looking white UFO filmed from a plane over the United States.

This is a great UFO sighting blatantly from a plane. The UFO is white and looks a bit like a Flying Saucer and a blimp but it's not a blimp (there's no rudder at the back like on all blimps).

It's not a balloon (as it's keeping up with a plane that is flying hundreds of miles an hour) or a strange terrestrial aircraft.

UFO with no means of propulsion keeping up with a plane.

This is a UFO as it say's on the tin. There's no wings like on a aircraft and there's no tail rudder.

The UFO looks like it's keeping up with the plane - or is the plane keeping up with the UFO?

Because it's white like this all over, would it be seen from inside a cloud?

This really could vanish if it was to glide in to the clouds.

White Flying Saucer UFO caught on camera from a plane.

The UFO footage caught on camera from this plane was filmed only in September 2018 so just a couple of months ago.

I can't see any propellers or any kind of thrust? There seems to be no way that this could of been faked or travelling this fast, but yet there it is.

It was uploaded to Instagram by UFO Scandinavia and has gained quite a lot of comments and the general theme of these comments are that people should be used to UFOs by now and that we should all get used to seeing them?

What is this UFO if it is terrestrial.

The usual comments on videos like this where the UFO is very clear is that it's "been faked or is a hoax" is strangely absent.

The bit of information that came with the video says it was filmed over the USAus which I'm presuming to mean over Austin in Texas but I could be wrong?

This always tells me that the general feeling of the video is that it's real and it definitely looks real. It's there, it exists and like I say in most of my posts:

That is evidence my friends and should be added to the disclosure files category and added to the "need's looking in to further".

Here's the video of a white UFO filmed from a plane over the USA:

Source UFO Scandinavia.

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