Two Metallic UFOs At The NASA Shuttle

Two UFOs visit the NASA Shuttle and literally start to inspect it.

You've never seen a better UFO video from space! This is what makes me a believer.

This video of two UFOs visiting the Shuttle is absolutely stunning if true. It looks, feels and has an air of authenticity surrounding it. I'm convinced only until proven otherwise?

I know it's hard to understand as to why two UFOs would visit any NASA vehicle especially if they've kept their head down this long? But if real then this has to be the turning point in Ufology, right?

Close up image of the two UFOs visiting the Shuttle.

The UFOs come in to the center of the frame in the video pretty much straight away and kind of do a stand off between the Shuttle and themselves, then they look like they're sniffing around the wings or generally inspecting the vehicle but all the while there's no visible signs of this?

The shadows are right, the lights are correct and the overall feel is right. It still doesn't make it real but it definitely narrows down the list of things to look for which is amazing in itself.

Two Metallic sphere UFOs visiting the Shuttle.

I want to believe I really do and that's why I look in to all the UFO reports that I can because you never know which one is real or which one is not?

Especially as we are presuming that we know what they look like, I mean how is that even possible?

One of the best UFO videos that NASA ever caught on live TV.

NOBODY can say that they know what a UFO looks like full stop!

Not one person on Earth knows what a UFO definitely sounds like or what to look out for as a tell tale sign that something is a UFO. We can have an intelligent guess as to what we think Aliens might base a UFO design on but that's all it is "an intelligent guess".

So, we'll just have to let the video do all the talking:

You have to admit that this is a very, very convincing video and if it is real then wow, what a treat it is to see such amazing technology and who knows where they traveled from?

One day we'll all know if it is real.

Source ufolovers Instagram.
Source NASA Multimedia Gallery.

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