UFO Over Turkish Town Changes Shape

UFO filmed over Turkey that looks Alien in origins.

Bizarre UFO sighting in Turkey which was investigated by SiriusUFO and it happened in July 2014 over Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey looks like it could be the real deal. It's a great UFO sighting with a backdrop that we can gauge how big it is and how fast and its height is? Let's not forget how great looking this UFO is? I'm referring to the likelyhood of it been real... But does it change it's actual shape when it decides to take off, that's going to put it into another category altogether?

The UFO was investigated and the results were, that this is definitely real. We only have the video to go off, eye witness testimonies and also what can be determined from both of them is what will determine the answer (which is still open to speculation). The information in brief is below. This UFO in the image just below certainly looks like it has changed it's shape which could be to help it fly faster?

Real Ovni looking craft spotted in the late day sky.

The other UFO sighting that this reminds me of is the Turkey UFO incident which became world famous as it apparently showed us a real Alien inside of a spaceship for the very first time I might add.

The Turkey UFO incident was a world wide phenomena investigated by many Ufologists as it showed actual Aliens in the UFO.

Turkey has had a massive increase in UFO reports over the last decade and it's really bizarre just what is been reported.

With places like MUFON and UFO Sightings Footage accepting UFO reports (to name but two), easy access to reporting your UFO encounters has never been easier. UFO Sightings Footage encourages you to report your UFO incidents to the Facebook group UFO sighting.

At hand, this has really helped the Ufology community consolidate their efforts in to a single and sometimes spectacular organizations with epic abilities which have access to high ranking professionals. 

When professional advice is required for anything to do with aerodynamics, physics, science in general and all other ways to help with concluding a UFO report - many people can be called upon to help out,its an awesome community of over 110K members in just the one group.

Does this UFO change it's shape compared to the UFO in the image below. It is clearly visible and very flat.

Close up image of the Bodrum Turkey UFO encounter.

July 2014 over Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey. This is a great UFO sighting.

Below is a description quote of just what was investigated by Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center.

All kinds of pixels, shadows, light, contrast, negative değer etc made by special analysis analysis and programs on this series of photographs and video were examined by the agency and the results were analyzed and analyzed.

And the objects were definitely not natural phenomena such as Venus, Chinese lantern, bird, stain, balloon, photo montage, light reflection, atmospheric phenomenon or illusion.

In addition, the characteristic features of the bodies, form, structure, maneuver, silence and hanging in the air in a manner that renders gravity ineffective, then the rapid disappearance of them in no way corresponds to conventional vehicles and technologies known.

Without people's dedicated passion and people's determination Ufology could of so easily been relegated to the annals of history and forgotten about or signed off as a "crazy person's dream"? But instead the light was literally switched on and was given a new lease of life way back when it could of gone either way.

It looks like this UFO has changed it's shape from the one above. In this image it is clearly seen very compact and like it's retracted it's wings.

Strange UFO visits a Turkish town and is filmed by local.

We owe a great deal to the people who came before us and literally put everything on the line to pursue their beliefs and their passion. Without the personal sacrifices of many, many distinguished and intelligent people (and careers) who's lives where turned upside down because of their beliefs, we wouldn't have the thriving Ufology community we have today (which is on the brink of disclosure).

Source SiriusUFO.

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