Changing UFO Videoed From A Car

Unbelievably bold UFO flies way to close to people. My thoughts are this is legit and real, but what the hell is it? Until we know it's a UFO.
This UFO actually changes colour and this is one of a few things it could be? Programmed, communication efforts, we see red and white light instead of the real UFO underneath it as part of a shield to camouflage it. Seeing red and white lights is better than seeing a UFO from the Aliens perspective.

It's at the side of you right when your driving down the highway, what do you do? Do you video it, carry on driving and stay in control or risk it for a biscuit? Was it worth it though...

The red "thing" your looking at, is a UFO filmed from a car somewhere? I can't stand it when the information is hazy, but it is what it is and it lends a bit to it credibility - wise as this is something a hoaxer would definitely tag on to it the place it was filmed.. Where it was supposedly filmed?

No info tells me that this was recorded and hurriedly uploaded to Instagram.

No bloody information other than the video? It's worth watching though as it looks legit and it looks like something i'd wanna be in if I was an Alien. It look's like it's in hurry, it looks like nothing I've ever seen filmed this close to people, the road and the Earth in general.

Various stills from different parts of the same video showing the UFO has changed it's colour.
Four different shades of two colours.

No, it's probably not a missile as the whole point of them is stealth and this thing is not flying fast enough anyways until it goes between the trees anyways, then it makes a disappearing act

The UFO has changed it's appearance by changing it's colour.

It's definitely one for the books though and that's why i'm bringing it yo you. If you know anymore about this get in touch as i'd like to know more as like I say, it feels real "whatever" it is.

I'm not sure but I think the tree's have acted as a filter and this could be the real shape of the craft? And I have seen this somewhere else? I'm going to have a quick dig through USF archive.

It could be any of these UFOs really.

This Earth has produced many, many lifeforms and to think we're the only ones that bares the responsibility of intelligence is probably counter to everything intelligence stands for as we see intelligent design everywhere, why not Aliens, why not deep space?

The UFO here is showing us it's real shape which is an amazing one.
Go check the video out at this time (35 seconds in) to see the effect the tree's have when this UFO flies behind them.

Instagram is absolutely "chock full of UFO videos and images" the mainstream media will not pick up on and it's usually the first place people send their packet data full of government worry.

Here's the very good video showing the striking UFO change colours and it seems to be deliberately wanting to get videoed? I'm not sure about that but is definitely got filmed by a concerned citizen.

Source UFO Lovers Instagram.

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