Ancient Tunnels From Scotland To Turkey Discovered


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There's tunnels reaching from Scotland all the way to Turkey according Dr and professor Henry (Heinrich) Kush from the university of Karl Franzen in Graz.

Also he's backed up by lots of intricately analysed, research and his colleagues and his wife have helped him. It's fascinating, it's based on what's there, what is down there underground and what is widely available for anyone to investigate.


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This has fascinated me ever since I discovered this theory, that Scotland is connected to Turkey through underground tunnels. It's no surprising that this has got your attention, because like me I had that feeling that there's more to this than meets the eye and that's why it got my attention also.

If this is true (which I believe it is) then it puts everything we know about history into "one gigantic box" and it get's kicked right off the top of mount Fuji. I'm talking unceremoniously wrapped up with a bow and all the believers "who know" should take a turn to boot it off the mountain.

You just know when you know when something is right and that's not because you want it to be the truth - but because you have your ancestors looking over your shoulder yelling at you, it's true!

Here's a quote from EMN (Earth Mystery News):

Many researchers, among them German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kush, believe that these megalithic tunnels were used as modern-day highways, allowing the transition of people and connecting them to distant places across Europe.


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In the book "Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World" (German title: Tore zur Unterwelt), Dr. Kush states that evidence of massive underground tunnels has been found under dozens of Neolithic settlements all over the European continent.

These tremendous tunnels are often referred to as ancient highways. Interestingly, many of these large tunnels still exist today across Europe, and researchers are just beginning to locate and unearth them.

One comment on the YouTube video by Gary Lite states "looks like the modern belief that cavemen where primitive is another lie".

That got me thinking that if these tunnels are real then surely all human timelines are unquestionably wrong, misleading and very deliberately twisted out of focus? Where does that leave us though as a people because without our past we don't have any identity.


The simple answer is this, who stands to gain, who or what gains power over "you" look no further than the holders of knowledge, the beacons of knowledge, the institutions of yesteryear and the answer becomes very clear or at least it does to me.
If people start to wake up to the fact that this land is yours, this water and the sky you live in then you start to realise that "they" have no rights to, no claims to and no truth to their property, land, religion is capturing souls, the air you breath is free, the land you walk on should be free, the water you drink should all be free.

Here's a post that totally disagrees about the tunnels purpose and that they don't stretch from Scotland to Turkey. Their title is this - Erdstall Tunnels Do Not Reach From Scotland to Turkey, Contrary to Rumor. I swear, I haven't taken a letter away from the last word in their title. Look it up.

Here's the video:

Here's an awesome quote from Gary Lites video description:

“Across Europe there were thousands of them says Dr Kusch,”

In Germany we have discovered hundreds of meters of underground tunnels. In Austria we have found hundreds more. These underground tunnels can be found everywhere across Europe and there are thousands of them.” Said the German archaeologist. While some of the tunnels are relatively small- some of them measure over a meter in width, there are other tunnels that have been found with underground chambers and storage areas.

Source Reference Interesting Engineering.
Source Reference Erdstall.

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