Black Cigar UFO Shoots Out Of Electric Light Portal

Electric light portal in the sky shoots out a black UFO.

This is bloody incredible If It's real. That's my very early and I stress very early, assessment of this incredible video and as soon as I saw this I just thought "is this how all the other smaller UFOs get here to this planet"?

I mean, it's either that answer or these smaller UFOs are doing one light year to every drop of water in some sort of unbelievable, interplanetary (travelling like a maniac) UFO - using an engine that could only exist in the mind really but when you think about it, everything came forth from the mind.
What seems impossible today, can be possible tomorrow.
The video starts off with a lightening ball which grows and grows, then like a stargate or a portal a spear, rocket type projectile shoots out of the "I guess we can call it an opening" and comes back in to shot but hovers. There's nothing with the video to say where it happened but we'll definitely update this post when the other part is available which we'll probably get the information then.

In this image below (not video that's at the bottom of the post) you can see the main UFO struggles with the wind - which in turn means it's not a window reflection and also at 15 seconds in to the video another UFO can briefly be seen coming in to view.

It's not a bird flying in that weather at all. It's not a reflection in the window but I do think this is another part of the UFO team. If one came UFO has come out or through this portal then why not another one? And maybe this other UFO came to meet up with it and exchanged knowledge they have already gained while been here? Who knows why this other UFO is there, but in that weather it is not a bird.

Another UFO comes in to view at 15 seconds in to the video.

That's probably not the reason but we just don't know the full potential of materials as yet to write that off.

There's a car apparently that can do 100 miles on four ounces of water so really, who knows anymore just what "ordinary" material's like liquids and solids can yield in terms of energy?

Combustion is probably the leader in terms of energy salvage but this video has got to be putting out some serious and I mean serious energy? It even reminds me of the recent US and Mexico allegedly transformers exploding as far as the lights and the colours on the clouds go! I'll reference that in the source links below. By the way, NYPD said on Twitter there was:
No evidence of Extraterrestrial activity.
As you could imagine that this made me laugh out loud and speaks volumes about the types of inquiries they must of been getting from "concerned" locals?

New York Transformers explode and NYPD says it's not Aliens.

The military actually got involved I read in one eye witnesses statement and that they had cordoned off the area, since when does the Military take over the cities jobs? If not the city then at the most the Police "could" step in but the military is pretty much unheard of for an exploding transformer. But I suppose an explosion in New York is probably what could answer that question but still the military...

A huge flash of light and the portal starts to dim.

The video is only part one and as soon as we get part two we will be updating this post, but for now please just enjoy this amazing and truly stunning video.

Someone commented on the video that it's a reflection in the window, but I don't think that's the case:

Sometimes videos come along that absolutely stuns you and then you begin to rethink the whole way that these smaller UFOs would even get here to Earth and it's not until you see something like this that you get your answers.

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