Triangular Shaped UFO on NASA Live Feed

The Dragon Capsule UFO encounter on 8th December 2018.

The above image is the Dragon Capsule with the UFO whizzing off behind it going up but to the left from the right. I'm convinced that the commercial pilots are being "bothered" by UFOs, astronauts in space are being bothered by UFOs, military jet pilots in the atmosphere also and UFOs are bothering the military personnel at military bases and nuclear power stations are being tested. That's a lot of claims which some have been answered now officially. But the Government and NASA are ignoring some of these claims.

You must admit that this is how it looks to the public. All of the above have given "official testimonials" stating that UFOs 100% contacted them or made themselves known.

Here's the story:

The International Space Station (ISS) was visited or buzzed by another triangular-shaped UFO, yes I said another because we've covered similar stories like this before like in this link - "Triangular Alien Spacecraft" visiting or going very close to the ISS is nothing new at all even in 2020.

The image below is a close-up of the very real UFO which mysteriously came so close to the Space X vehicle and the International Space Station. It's stunning and about as mysterious as it gets guys because we know it's not one of ours.

Triangular shaped UFO buzzed right next to the ISS and Space X Dragon Capsule.

Which was seen live "I might add" by all the people who watched it everywhere on the planet. On Space X' LIVE FEED everything is out there for everyone to see, so they can't edit it beforehand unless they put a delay on it just like NASA does and that's why they always cut the screen but this is a bit different.

Here is the Triangular shaped UFO on Live TV.
More footage from space. A triangular object passes on the SpaceX live feed during the docking of the Dragon Capsule with the International Space Station. December 8th 2018.

I'm going to let the video do the talking here and guys I will add though that Alien disclosure seems to be coming along far more often now with very, very intriguing and real-looking videos.

Below is the Dragon Capsule from SpaceX docked at the International Space Station.

The SpaceX Dragon Capsule at the ISS.

It feels like there's going to be an announcement or something that the government is in contact with Alien beings and that we shouldn't be worried or scared.

In the video, the Triangular UFO almost looks copper in colour and we know that our spacecraft are not copper in colour or nature so this is truly not ours.

I just get that impression as there have been a few factors which have led me to this conclusion which I have gone over in previous posts.

In the image below we see a Black Pyramid or metallic Pyramid UFO stalking the Shuttle near the ISS. Guys I've referenced a few other posts that we've done here at UFO Sightings Footage showing triangular-shaped UFOs near the ISS and how frequent they are at visiting us in space.

Large Black Pyramid UFO stalking the ISS and Shuttle in space.

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