Oddly Shaped UFO Caught On Camera Over Canada

Black doughnut UFO right over Montreal in Canada.

This is the Black Doughnut looking UFO caught on camera right over the city of Montreal in Canada. It changes numerous times in the air like vanishing, it's shape and it's color. It looks silver one second and then black and then it disappears altogether.

There's many odd things with this UFO and the strangest has to be the vanishing trick that it clearly does and that is not a camera malfunction or attributed to the way the light hits the camera. It really does vanish.

This is the UFO caught on camera over Montreal just before vanishes.

The UFO here is about to invisible and as you can see, the camera isn't at fault and this is entirely the UFOs doing.

This is the UFO in it's different state, color and as it vanishes.

It could be a prototype aerial vehicle by a top secret program or something like that and they're testing out new or different systems, software, hardware and concepts installed inside this UFO and outside of the UFO? Materials, signals, observable colors and the other weird technology associated with "top secret" aerial vehicles that use stealth?

In the image below it looks like the UFO is solid in the middle and hollow on the outside? It has kind of inverted itself? reversed it's look like a negative impression? This takes place at 14 seconds in to the video which is 22 seconds long.

This is a great part of the video showing a negative impression of the UFO Doughnut.

We're used to only seeing stealth in things like the Raptor, Nighthawk, Replica or the Lockheed Have Blue. They are not what is in this video at all! In fact, what is in this video is so far removed from the technology that humans use that there's no way that anything other than a biscuit tin's worth of technology is all that could probably fit inside this UFO?

So, it has to be Alien in origins (OK it doesn't have to be, but it really could be) or it's something so top secret, something so "eyes only" so far remove from all known threats or proven routes that whistleblowers have taken that this was developed in such secrecy that it got to this stage of development because all employees lived in or around the vehicle and all communication was non existent to the outside world.

And then they moved on to the next one. Packed up, moved on, next. Repeat, repeat. Check this post out for a close look at the Black Knight Satellite UFO which is the clearest footage as yet unearthed.

Source UFO Sightings Footage Instagram.
Source Hangar18podcast Instagram.

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  1. Everything about this Doughnut looking UFO really does look compelling, interesting and gives me an intriguing genuine interest in this.It was caught on camera over Montreal min Canada in 2017. When I first saw this I thought wow, that's changing shape and sure enough it does and even more than that. Check it out it's different to say the least. This is why I really enjoy researching UFO sightings. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈπŸ‘πŸ“‘πŸ›°πŸŒŒ☄πŸ©πŸ‘πŸ›ΈπŸ‘½


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