CIA Document: UFOs Attacked 23 Russian Soldiers Turned Them To Stone

23 Russian soldiers are turned to stone by Aliens in a UFO in Siberia. 

Russian soldiers were attacked by UFOs and the Aliens inside them decided to turn them to stone. The Aliens attacking these soldiers is probably the first time a documented case of this nature ever happened?

Russia has had many, many encounters with UFOs and Aliens as there's lots of real documented cases of this. But this case is different as the weapons used aren't your typical Alien weapons unless your in a science fiction movie.

Here is the link to the actual OFFICIAL CIA DOCUMENT!

It Is Document Number (FOIA) /ESDN (CREST): 000551776.

Russian soldiers attacking a UFO with a missile in Siberia.

The story about this goes back to Siberia and a CIA report. It was apparently a revenge attack on the part of the Aliens and was leaked when the former Russian leader Gorbachev lost his leadership.

The KGB files went missing, there was turmoil and a lot of things actually got leaked, sold, hidden and lost.

The CIA acquired a lot of these files like you'd expect and here's one of the many leaked, stolen or hidden papers:

Leaked image from the KGB about Russian soldiers turned to stone or petrified by Aliens in UFO.

A declassified CIA report claims that a troop of Russian soldiers were “turned into stone by aliens” after they attempting to gun down the extraterrestrials.

The image below is apparently from one of the first reports of this and the full story linked to this image is absolutely eye opening as to if this even happened or not? You should always read up or research the facts as much as you can before coming to a decision, with this you can. Here's the link.

This is another part of the Russian soldiers turned to stone story. 

According to a top secret document posted on the official CIA website – 23 Russian soldiers died in a macabre way as a result of a battle with a group of 5 aliens in Siberia in 1993.

It is not explained in the document why the CIA held a translation of the Ukrainian newspaper report on file. According to UFO website and YouTube channel Lionsground, "you have to be careful about what the CIA publishes online, as it could be misinformation.

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