Mars Rover Discovers A Hovering Metal Sphere

Levitating sphere discovered on Mars. I've been looking for something to confirm that this is a natural event on Mars lol or it's a fake. Up till now I can't find diddly squat on this been a fake.

It's right there in the Mars image just hovering, or at least it absolutely looks like it's hovering.

Is it a trick of the light, a trick of the shadows or is it just how the Mars Rover has positioned?


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NASA has been on Mars for a while, when the Rover sent it's last words back I will admit that the way in which I said it in my head, it was really moving.

"It's getting dark now, my batteries are getting low. Good bye." I think we sent one back and said "God speed".

It was something like that, that's how I want to remember it.

Wow, it still gives me a huge and very sad feeling in me. The words are immensely moving.

That's to say the least as we all felt a connection with it.

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