NASA Blatantly Cuts ISS Live Feed Turns It Back On UFO Has Gone

I'm here to show you yet another blatant NASA cover up a as UFO which showed up at NASA's International Space Station on the 02/06/2015 does a vanishing trick - spoiler alert it sucks.

It was there one minuet then NASA cuts the live feed and it mysteriously vanishes when the screen comes back on. What's the chances that it was a "piece of swamp gas" that accidentally transferred from an engineers sock and stuck to the rocket? We see it then drifting in space after it released it's vice like grip on the rockets exterior lol.


It's as if someone at NASA is stroking a white cat laughing like a manic thinking "nobody noticed a thing" or all the scientists at NASA start doing high fives declaring "this is our best work yet".

For real guys it doesn't get anymore blatant than this. You should watch the video, bookmark it and always have it on loop as a go to video if you ever start to doubt that:

  1. Aliens don't exist.
  2. NASA doesn't lie.

and also...

  1. To prove your point in any conversation..
  2. To show non-believers that UFOs are real.

Any one of them are OK to use the video as a reference to. But on a serious note, NASA hasn't just pulled the wool over peoples eyes, oh no my friend.

They've actually pulled the blanket over the universe.

The International Space Station was filming live and a UFO appears which is round but with dots kind of making up the circle?


The center of this UFO is black which, could mean there's an open hole in it's center or it's something else entirely? Someone said it's a black hole far off.

Someone also pointed out the lack of stars which apparently means that NASA is aware that if they keep the stars in the video people can see by reference "where the stars should be" and that NASA isn't even in space.

  • UFOs visiting the International Space Station is as old as the station itself.
  • Why are people seemingly letting this information go over their heads for starters.
  • Why can't we trace the UFOs steps the cameras are good enough to do that.
  • UFO sightings are nothing new, what is new is confronting you with this information.

Each and everytime a new UFO appears at the ISS it dilutes the narrative. It takes something away in terms of "the wow factor" and replaces it with a shrug of the shoulders.

NASA turns on the live feed "oh look the UFO has disappeared" and that is how they roll at NASA! They take the biscuit.


I totally get it, that there's a kind of "helpless feeling" which comes with this whole UFO at the Space Station thing - because we feel we can't do anything about it, right?

NASA has taken that away the "hopeful feeling" that we all had of finding Aliens or to even see a real UFO and replaced it with a very visible two fingers up!

It's as if NASA is saying "this is space, it's our lair and you common people know nothing" because what your seeing is not happening, how could it possibly be happening silly!

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Wrong, we can blog about it and we can now tell people and tell the world about it - who might be able to ask questions in the right ear (but probably not as it would of been done by now) and expose the lot to the world.

That's a huge task, in fact I believe it's insurmountable and an object to far!

An unstoppable force coming up against immovable object!

Why, because that's a massive undertaking which I'm frankly going to say that if people in the right places had the balls to do anything about it, it would of been done by now!

So, we all know now that the people who can do something about it, are not!

  1. Misunderstood is what they would probably call it.
  2. Got his or her facts upside down.
  3. Got no trace of them ever working for NASA.
  4. Sorry nobody has ever heard of Mr such and such.

Here is the great video which I recommend that you watch all of it.

It's only a short UFO video but it's to the point and it's absolutely on point as they say.

The reason why we can't see any stars, well if you know why please let us know.

If you have any ideas on this or if you've seen the same type of UFO, please let us know about that also, cheers guys.

The above UFO video sums it up for me, it sums up the state of how NASA has done things since day one.

Will it ever change, I guess not because numerous people have come and gone all with big ideas and they have changed a lot. But this is the one thing that NONE of them could change.

So the power is coming from something that is consistent, it's coming from somewhere that has no oversight, no red tape and does not answer to the public.

That, is a shadow government.

That is a shadow power group, it's a powerful set of individuals that have more influence over "anyone and everyone" that has come and gone and are still at NASA!
Source LookNowtv YouTube.
Source NASA TV International Space Station Live stream.

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  1. This is a go to video of NASA covering up a UFO by cutting the live feed when an absolutely amazing UFO is right there next to the ISS, so they cut the feed and when it comes back on it's gone!

    Seriously this is a text book case, it should be bookmarked in your browser so you can always remember just what they do and how they blatantly covered up UFOs.

  2. If you think the government is going to lie about UFO's for 100 years and then go and put a "live" camera on their own space station your deluding yourself. Every millisecond of footage is scanned carefully for artifacts BEFORE it is uploaded for you to view "live". They would be stupid if they didn't. Its ridiculous to think they hire someone to sit and watch the camera with their finger on the "off" button in case something flies by.


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