UFO Light Orbs In Formation In The Clouds Over Los Angeles

The eye witness reactions to the three light Orbs, UFOs or bright lights (whatever you want to describe them as) in these clouds tells us that these UFOs are real.

Guys, it's happening, it's taking place and it's all been recorded for history.

People actually thought there was going to be an imminent invasion by Aliens!


Check out the link in the source section below for more on that.

That's how I feel about this great UFO video. There's not a doubt in my mind that this UFO incident actually took place.

The reactions just seem so real, they are talking as the light's or Orbs, as they get brighter and as they vanish.

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It's in sync, it's looking really good guys.

But again,

It all comes down to the individual person and if he or she is willing to surrender control of "their belief" and have a bit of faith - that this is a real UFO Orb actually in formation just before they all disappear together and actually believe in it or not?

The mysterious Orb footage was recorded in Los Angeles, USA. Those that have seen it are concerned - it said at the time this was seen over LA in 2017.


The images that are showing these really bizarre bright lights are spectacular, can you imagine seeing these Orbs in the clouds and one in the middle of the strange formation, gets huge and they all disappear together when it dims?

  • Can you imagine that bizarre event.
  • I mean, what do you say to people.
  • How would you say it to people.
  • That's why I'm glad we have cameras.

This video below, was instantly one of my favourite UFO videos because it's the eye witness reactions which absolutely do it for me.

Here's the UFO video:

One comment on the Daily Star (link in the source section below) read:

“That’s it. I am speechless. No words can justify that video. Man, that is crazy.”

While another believed:

An imminent alien attack is now more than likely, saying: “They are here for only two things... to kill you and steal your soul.”

Source Ufo1000 Instagram.
Source Daily Star.Source Alex Lujan.

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  1. There's not many times when a UFO video really throws you for six, but this one has. It's the eye witnesses reactions which has convinced me (plus the bright Orbs) and they are completely true to what they're all seeing unfolding right before them, in the clouds over Los Angeles. The US has always been a massive UFO activity hot bed and this is the cherry on the cake.


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