Black Flying Saucer Releasing A White Drone Orb

This is a great little video of a black Flying Saucer and it is releasing what looks like a white Orb or drone from the underside of the Unidentified Flying Object which looks really good to tell the truth.

It's blurred because i've zoomed in to see the Flying Saucer closer up and because of that it really does lose pixels. This is a great percentage of UFO related content looks blurred! If you take a photo of a UFO from a mile away, it's a dot on the sky. Zoom in and take a screenshot and yes it loses pixels, it looks blurred. So, now you know - you really don't need to think it's a conspiracy theory or that they took the photo with a potato, lol. 

Knowledge is power! 


Please remember that it was reported anonymously (which is anyone's right) and is why there's such a lack of information. This is just like the other day when I posted a post that we did about a UFO hovering over a Highway, weird. Seriously, it was hovering right over road in China.

It's not another case of "not another blurred UFO" because I can't add pixels that aren't there, can I.

It is what it is guys. I feel like I need to let you know that because not all the blurred UFO images are faked.

The video is been filmed from a car so when the car goes over what appears to be a bump, the camera is affected and it starts to shake a bit.

I'm not excusing the poor quality, i'm just rationalizing the reality of the UFO video so you don't start thinking it's a conspiracy in itself although your entitled to think what you want to think.

Personally i'm just glad it exists and that someone caught it on camera.

There's no information that I can find with the UFO video. Maybe this is why people don't show videos without anything by way of information?
But if your going to fake a UFO you would think they'd just give it a fake backstory, right?

Like "it was filmed in the city of such and such on a fictitious day.

This is another UFO hovering above a highway and filmed from a car.

Everything would be faked in a fake UFO video, it just makes sense to me. If your a UFO writer and there's no information with a UFO then how do you write a blog post about it?

Well, I will not shy away from the UFO videos and UFO images without any information.

But because "I know for a fact" that there's people out there who have seen a UFO and film that said UFO - but don't want their name attached to it or anything to do with it!

So, because of that - I know it means nothing to have no information about a UFO video.

Seriously it's their right to report a UFO sighting anonymously and we have to respect their rights.

They still need showing to the public, they still need logging and the fact that it exists is why Ufology exists.

  • Without UFO videos there really wouldn't be that much interest in it like there is now.
  • UFO interest has rocketed (excuse the pun) and over half of Americans believe in Aliens.
  • The Huffpost did a survey and found that nearly half of all Americans believe in Aliens.
  • So yeah, i'm very grateful that it exists and the person who filmed this was right to report it anonymously.

Amazing to know, don't you agree...

Of course that only applies if this is even real?

It could be a fake and until it's been proved otherwise we have to afford it the same attention as we would other ones as you or me "alone" are not enough just to say it's real or fake.

It takes a whole host of experts to make that decision.

It's my own opinion that there's something to this UFO sighting and I really hope that this could be the one that experts point to and say "it's a real video, but the UFO on the other hand - we will never know".

It's definitely got my interest.

Here's the amazing video:

That's enough for me, because I have faith and belief in Ufology.

Source Ufo10000 Instagram.
Source Reference HuffPost Survey.

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  1. yet another Flying Saucer "but it's releasing a white Orb" right from underneath it and it's hovering right near a highway. This is been filmed from a camera on the dashboard of a car, which people are increasingly doing this - to lower their insurance fees. But it's also capturing really good UFO footage like this amazing Flying Saucer releasing a white Orb, amazing.

  2. this was to show humanity that they do not fear being seen and that they are not here to hurt. Not all that we see in the sky are true to this but his is a ship from a galaxy that does no harm. They are also they who use the crops circles to manage certain frequencies in this place now as they imprint the Earth Mother Geia with her own frequencies and release those that are not. In this some Crop Circles are messages to us as to who to trust and who not to trust. In this that orb was going to imprint a place nearby with a message and was not allowed as they used the military to move this one out. In this they shoot them down only to gain information and do not realize they cannot extract from them that technology they seek. I know because I AM. I love and honor you for your integrity. I hope you will join a group on fb that looks into this and is with integrity also. If you do not already know them then I will ask that Jodi gian to you this place too to share if you will. I AM.


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