White UFO Orbs Flying Around A Nuclear Power Station | Epic Video

Here is a nuclear power station (as yet unknown which one, or where) with four but maybe more "white UFOs or white Orbs" visiting it. The evidence is looking really good, but as there's nothing by the way of information with this brilliant video, we can't say for sure when it happened.

But it did happen and the video exists. For this, I am grateful and thankful because I think Ufology is one of the most important things of the future.

I believe that people brush off Ufology as they're to afraid of the reality. I mean, just imagine for a second if it was a fact, Alien greys existed?

Seriously though, that doesn't mean there's anything unusual with it. This just ticks the boxes for me.


In - fact, this is very common as some people don't want the headaches or grief and ridicule that they've convinced themselves (based on history, don't forget) will probably follow, if they do report it!

Nowadays though you can post what you like and people are more accepting of Ufology because people are more likely to believe now than they did a decade ago and that's the top and bottom of it.

It was based on fear alone.

But sadly it's true that a few decades ago people, did get harassed simply for reporting a UFO "especially pilots and law enforcement" and that was mainly by so-called friends, believe it or not?

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The government being involved though in any incident - was usually the high profile UFO cases, if you look back on them it really does make sense.

Some people believe that they will be victimized or targetted and believe that it over all will not be a good thing to publish the video of UFOs.


So what will come from publishing a UFO video with their name and information attached to it.

In this day and age, nothing.

You can report a UFO to any of the official or unofficial channels i.e to your own Facebook or Instagram channel or even YouTube.

Your more than likely going to have a very pleasant experience if you publish it anywhere, really.

MUFON or NUFORC and other places will always follow your instructions if you want to remain anonymous.

So will UFO Sightings Footage and Ufosfootage.

If you want to remain anonymous then please indicate this to us in your report via email or Facebook, Instagram and our favourite place - through our website right here.

We will always stick to your requirements and that's rigorously!

Here's the great UFO itself, count how many UFO Orbs you see:

Guys, that's totally acceptable and as we already know that people have lost their good paying jobs, livelihood, friends and social standing "just for posting what they saw"!

Now their once "good friends and neighbors" have now turned their backs on them.

For some it is devastating, it absolutely happens - regularly! So if you ever come across a UFO video with no information just remember that.

Source UFO Sightings Footage Instagram.

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  1. This is a breathtaking UFO video with white UFO, Orbs just flying in and around the power station. Seeing these UFOs just fly in from the left and start to slowly "evaluate" it or whatever they're doing at this nuclear power plant is anyone's guess. It exists though feels real and I'm grateful that this video exists because it's very convincing.


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