UFO With Blue Light In Clouds Filmed From Plane Window

So, I really don't think that this is a UFO but I could be wrong? This was filmed on the 29/12/2012 on a flight from Florida to Pennsylvania and since it was published on the YouTube channel "Rob Feinstein" people keep speculating as to what it might be.

Even though the video up-loader of the YouTube channel "Rob Feinstein", insists it's real and his brother caught this "real UFO" on camera from a plane window.


People are seeming to doubt this ever actually happened? We might never know now, what really happened?

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So, this was filmed in December of 2012 and was a few days later obviously given to the YouTube channel and was published on 03/01/2013 which has gotten 315 likes and 131 dislikes (or thumbs up and thumbs down) as of today 22/06/2019.

Guys, I honestly do not think that this is CGI at all, but I don't think that this could possibly be a UFO though either.

  • This looks way to good to be true - then it usually is to good to be true.
  • It looks like nothing I've ever seen before and I've seen lots of UFO videos.
  • It looks a lot like CGI stuff on YouTube channels known for hoaxes.
  • It might be a real video but even if it is, it looks like a warning light on a tower.

Even though this does seem to move, it seems to be moving forward - but that could just be because the plane is going forward and the clouds are going backwards making it look like the "thing" is moving? But, recently in 2020 after discovering that tall buildings do use coloured lights to warn aircraft but the standard colour is red and white and not blue! Nobody uses blue at all. Check out this link for more details on that.


I honestly don't think there's nothing untoward happening here or that this is a deliberate hoax - but instead this is probably been misidentified and is nothing more than a light on top of a mountain or a massive tower light (although these type of lights, do tend to be red)...

I actually wrote this last year and this is an update on the sighting.

So much to my own amazement, I've done a complete u turn because I now know that nobody is using blue lights on buildings and, in this last few years things have exceptional changed! We now know that UFOs exist, UFOs are real and that's a Government announcement with UFO videos to boot.

I wrote this a long time ago - 

I actually thought that this could be a beacon located at the top of a mountain "instantly" and that it emits a blinking, shining light skyward to warn planes?

It's unclear as to exactly what this is been videoed from "a plane" I guess (relevant info is sketchy at best) but unless the blue light belongs to an Unidentified Flying Object from an unknown place or indeed even a known place like Area 51 the it's literally a guessing game.

It's definitely one for the books though and here is an actual few sentences from the description of what happened from the Youtube video description box.

I won't put it all ( but it is exactly how it's written word for word) so that you can go and check out the rest for yourself.

Here's a quote from the video:

Well I been keeping a secret for a long time and this is NON wrestling related. Recently my brother was on a flight back from Florida and they were over the ocean and were told they were over 30,000 feet high.
My brother just happened to be filming outside his window and what he captured was amazing and shocking. This is not some b******* video as it is 100% real.
Other passengers on the plane at the window saw the same thing but only my brother and another lady had time to shoot it. My brother not only shot it but took video of it. It clear is a UFO and the shocking thing is this thing did not move.

So, there's the part quote from the video and this is actually uploaded by the brother of the person who filmed this so, there really is no doubt in my mind that this actually was filmed - but I don't think that this is a UFO.

There are great UFOs out there that are been seen and recorded all the time and not one of them looks remotely like this.

In fact, the only ones that do seem to look anything like this is the CGI stuff we see coming from known hoaxer channels on YouTube.

Here's the video which shows a strange anomaly over the United States:

What's your thought's on this guys?

Please share this and let's try to figure this out because it's about time someone did. There might be someone out there who knows what this is.

Source Rob Feinstein YouTube.
Source Reference UFO Sightings Footage Instagram.

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  1. I've seen lots of UFO videos in the past and this seems to not even come close to anything I've ever seen "not even close". I don't think that this is real but the up-loader to YouTube is adamant that this is real and that it's a real UFO so I thought I'd get your wisdom on this and that I'd share with you what I think about this "event".


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