3 UFO Orb's Circling Aircraft Vanishes Into Portal

The Mysterious Disappearance of an Aircraft: A Close Encounter Above the Clouds.

Aircraft disappearing through portal with 3 UFOs

The supposed "leaked" video (make of it what you will) making the rounds on the tinternet features an apparent aircraft flying at a very high altitude way above the clouds before it vanishes in a flash of light as we see it on the screen.

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It's compelling but is it the real reason for the aircraft disappearing and is the video even real?


Look, in the vast expanse of the sky, where the clouds dance and the sun kisses the horizon, a very strange and chilling incident reportedly occurred and on a seemingly ordinary day. It was a day like any other, until a commercial aircraft en route across the Atlantic, vanished from radar screens into a portal as three UFO orbs circled it high above the clouds. The events that unfolded that day left experts baffled and ignited a wave of speculation and intrigue across the globe.

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What's the real MH370 truth and was UFOs involved?

That's what the information available states but what's the truth and what's the outright lies? Will we know what happened to the aircraft in question and will we ever have the video footage verified...

State-of-the-art airliner disappeared

As it cruised at a comfortable altitude, the pilots must have noticed a series of strange blips on their radar systems. The could have initially dismissed them as atmospheric interference, their unease more than likely grew as the blips morphed into solid objects (as we see on the radar screen) moving in a synchronized pattern around the aircraft.


The orb-like UFOs emitted a soft, pulsating glow that bathed the surrounding clouds in an otherworldly light. The UFOs seemed to be communicating with each other, their movements precise and deliberate. Lee Lewis UFO researcher

As the flight continued its steady course, the unthinkable happened. A swirling vortex of energy materialized in the sky, directly in the path of the aircraft. The pilots must have frantically attempted to veer off course, but it was too late. In a flash of blinding light, the aircraft vanished from radar screens.

Whistleblower leaks undisputed UFO evidence of UFO portal

Eyewitnesses on the ground haven't come forward but someone leaked the video where we see the three UFO orbs hovering above the spot where the plane disappeared. I'd describe the orbs as serene and surreal, emitting a sense of mystery that no doubt captivated all who gazed upon them including the whistleblower that leaked the video.

Aircraft abducted by 3 UFO orb's circling the airliner

Speculation has run rampant in the months and years following the incident. Some believed that it had been abducted by extraterrestrial beings, taken through the portal to a distant corner of the cosmos. Others suggested that the aircraft had unwittingly stumbled upon a rift in the fabric of reality, slipping into a parallel dimension where time and space operates on different rules.

No concrete answers today but there's always a tomorrow

Investigations by aviation authorities and government agencies yielded no concrete answers. The disappearance of flight MH37 remained an enigma, a tantalizing mystery that defied explanation. Conspiracy theories flourished, with some claiming that the government had covered up the incident to avoid causing widespread panic and fear.

The pilot in command was 53-year-old Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah from Penang. He joined Malaysia Airlines as a cadet pilot in 1981, and after training and receiving his commercial pilot's licence, he became a second officer with the airline in 1983. Wikipedia

Months passed, and the memory of Flight MH370 began to fade from the public consciousness. But for those who witnessed the event, the images of the UFO orbs circling the aircraft high above the clouds remain seared in their minds, a haunting reminder of the unfathomable mysteries that lurked beyond our understanding.

As the sun set on another day, casting its golden light across the horizon, one question lingered in the minds of all who followed the story of Flight MH370: What happened and what lay beyond the portal that supposedly swallowed the aircraft whole, and would we ever uncover the truth behind its mysterious disappearance?

Perhaps one day, we will unravel the secrets of that fateful day and discover the fate of the brave souls aboard the vanished aircraft. Until then, the mystery will continue to beckon to us, a tantalizing mystery that dares us to dream of the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the stars.

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Credit: Wikipedia, UFO Sightings Footage, Ufosfootage.

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