2 Spectacular 2024 UFO Events - Tehran And Unknown

The largest UFO-probably ever caught on camera that has the potential to be a genuine anomaly of the skies happened right in front of awe struck onlookers.

2 UFO videos sent to UFO Sightings Footage social media page.

UFO Sightings Footage had these amazing videos sent into our social media page.

One of the eyewitnesses to the first sighting had the foresight to whip out his or hers smartphone and start to record the event. It's unclear how or when (probably within the last year or so - more research is needed) but the UFO event made it's way onto the internet and one thing is for sure; this is a relatively new UFO event and if you ask me this  Unidentified Flying Object is up there with the best of them.


Spectacular UFO sightings, Tehran and the USA.

Somebody, somewhere could shed  light on this jaw dropping aerial anomaly and that might be enough for the relevant authorities to launch an investigation but i'm doubtful and the reason for that is because if the Roswell UFO event can't garner any investigation other than well wishers and privately funded investigation then this one stands little to no chance of becoming the next (as you'd expect) big thing.

I've been losing interest in UFOs of late because of one major factor;

A.I or as it's real name is Artificial Intelligence and so far it's becoming the bane of my own writing career which I started in 2016.

Is anyone able to tell the difference between a genuine UFO sighting and white UFO Orb at night flying or hovering in the sky without any size or speed reference whatsoever? the answer to that is no or at least doubtful in my opinion. A single white solitary speck of dust (so-to-speak) that may or may not be a star and it could be a lens flare is very difficult to tell the difference.

As soon as I get more information on these epic 2024 UFO events I'll update this post and I'll re-share this post. Guy's, just sharing these UFO videos is great as I'm showing you what is doing the rounds on social media and the UFO videos that are getting people talking.{alertInfo}

I'm so grateful to the people who've sent in UFO videos and UFO photos to my UFO sightings Footage and ufosfootage social media channels over the years but guys, we need the authorities or the right people to check them out and launch an investigation.

The main UFO video was filmed at night over Tehran in Iran in 2024 when a tourist was filming a random Cat but right in front of the Milad Tower.

I only say "the authorities" because these people, authorities, men in black, figures of power or whatever you want to call them have vast to budgets to spare which is evident from their grandiose plans, ambitions and handywork. I just want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the exact opposite to everything they was ever taught or learnt. It's actually not that difficult except for when the small thing as honesty gets in their way.

Look, i'm not saying that this is a real UFO sighting or that it's a fake UFO hoax but it would be excellent if the so-called "official UFO agency" called the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) that was set up in the wake of the Louis Elizondo whistleblowing escapade AKA "UFO shenanigans" would get to grips with what the people want to really know about instead of some red herring or totally unrelated (to the bigger Extraterrestrial picture) and answered the real questions like have you got an Alien held in Area 51?

I'm hoping that we can come together on this particular UFO Facebook social media page called UFO Sightings Footage to discuss our ongoing UFO efforts. And yes, if this UFO video is eventually deemed a hoax or it's a CGI video then so what at least we've taken it into account which is more than anyone else has done right! That means we can now dismiss it once and for all because of our mutual efforts and research. That's what I call a good day's work.


Unidentified Flying Objects And Other Paranormal Events

Please share your own UFO experience or insider Extraterrestrial knowledge with us so that we can become a more informed channel, a more informed group and page. I'm a dreamer which is what led to my website UFO Sightings Footage being voted number 1 in the United Kingdom 4 years running. I'm sharing these two UFO videos to all my channels because look at it, it's a UFO video that has got potential.

If you've got any UFO sightings to share then please send them to my Instagram page and I'll show them to the world.{alienInfo}

Credit: Alimotori750gold Instagram, UFO Sightings Footage, Ufosfootage, Canva.

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