Live UFO Caught On Camera Or Is It The TR3B (Video)

What is this flying over Arizona is it a TR3B or a UFO.

The footage caught here is strange and very unusual by Moonshot23. The "thing" caught here is "either" the infamous TR3B or is it a blatant UFO? You have to see the video as to why we think this could be a TR3B.

I don't think that this is a bird as there's no flapping or anything like movement coming from the "craft" in my opinion as far as what I can see in the video.

This UFO (or TR3B) was caught over Arizona in the USA and was actually caught by a legendary UFO catcher who dedicates a lot of his own time to the Ufology cause which is absolutely stunning as far as commitment goes.

UFO or TR3B over Arizona caught on camera.


The video of this strange event caught live mind you, is absolutely telling us one thing!

This UFO is not a bird as we cannot see any wings flapping throughout the video.

That there's Alien activity going on - on this planet. If you do not believe me then just check out Justin Stiles Moonshot23 YouTube channel right here and it's literally video after video of strange anomalies all caught live.

There's continuity, it's live, it's uncut, unedited straight out of X Files and of the "Alien being", kind or variety if you like...

Why would there be all this Alien activity happening around the world and apparently without the governments knowing anything at all about it especially with all their technology and surveillance.

Moonshot23 caught a TR3B or a UFO over Arizona in the USA.

The government have amazing space telescopes and cameras that are detecting everything and now with the Space Force we can only assume that the government is complacent or colluding and at the very, very least they are turning a blind eye to the coming and going's by Aliens plus UFOs on this planet! That's my best guess.

Here is the amazing video of the Unidentified Flying Object over Arizona, USA:

So after reviewing the video please give us your honest opinion and if you can would you please share the video with your friends and let's get the video out there guys, thanks Moonshot23. Keep up the amazing videos.

Source Moonshot23 YouTube.
Source Reference Justin Stiles Facebook.

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