NASA Photographed A Planet Sized UFO At The Sun

NASA did take a photo of a planet sized UFO at the Sun definitely and it's just amazing - Helioviewer is epic.

And in a bizarre, curious way it inadvertently caught the massive UFO either refuelling at the Sun or it was able to drag itself out of the Sun and away from it's huge gravity pulling force.

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I'm of the opinion that we're witnessing something that humans ain't got a clue about and the reason why I am saying that is because most people will look at this and say that's impossible or that's a fake, it's not real blah blah.

And that's because to us humans, it seems impossible to do therefore nobody, no species, no technology or anything else can do it. By "do" I mean create a mile long UFO craft and steer it into or out of the Sun.

NASA did take a photo of a planet sized UFO at the Sun.

NASA UFO sighting: Alien ship spotted near the Sun (Image: ET Database Helioviewer).

Helioviewer caught a Sphere UFO on it's live feed.

Credit: NASA/Helioviewer/UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Seriously, it doesn't matter if you don't want to believe it because it most certainly took place, Helioviewer got the evidence, the Helioviewer has the evidence and that is a slam dunk if ever I saw one (they'll probably interpret it differently though). But that's okay because what we've all seen now, it's never going to be reversed now that we all know about the mile long UFOs roaming around the vast openness of the empty, desolate and void "what we call space".

Just because it's hard to believe an incident which seems fantastically over the top or so unlikely that it cannot be, just remember that we're a tiny speck of mold or worse than tgat in the open space of nothingness. A speck of sneeze fluid drifting through nothing.

What we think we know, we can't even grasp.

Even grasping at straws seems to be better than admitting the truth - the truth being that religion, science and historical geniuses can't explain what's behind the origins of life, the meaning of life and where an intelligent species like hunan beings (people) fit into this picture full of life.

Not long ago just talk of going to the Moon would have seen you put in the stocks and cardboard like cow pat would have been thrown at you! Throwing food at people by tge way in the stocks is a myth. They wouldn't have wasted food because people were starving when tbe stocks where in use - either off food or not! It was rocks, cow manure and anything else thrown at you but not food related.

Anyways, getting back to the planet sized UFO evidence, the fact tgat NASA has published it means either contempt for tbe truth or they didn't see this in the stages of quality control. Scientists would call that a "happy accident". So, you look at this evidence and you make up your own mind.

Im not going to influence you one way or the other. (It's real though) lol.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/UFO Sightings Daily.

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