White UFO Speed's Past Jet Leaving it Standing

White UFO Speed's Past Jet Leaving it Standing

This UFO Tic Tac literally leaves the Jet standing with his Helmet in his hands!

I'm totally shocked that when the US Navy released the first 3 UFO-UAP videos in history, it still seems like half the world doesn't know about it or they simply went over everyone's heads...

The Orb, UFO, UAP "or whatever you want to call it" speed's right on past this military Jet and leaves it standing in it's dust. Unfortunately there's hardly any information on this if at all? But as I've said before on similar predicament UFO sighting's without info, it's all about it existing and let's be grateful that someone at least thought to film it and reported it! The eye witness reported it and that's a good thing. History needs it for posterity and at least there's a bonafide certificate record of it existing. It's basically so that it can be said that a UFO event happened.

This This UFO video when slowed down shows a fantastic UFO speed past the military Jet.

Credit Ufosfact Instagram/Ufosfootage/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

I've shown through previous posts that UFO Orbs are by far the most abundant in the world. The ISS has caught thousands and thousands of the Orbs on it's own camera's facing every which way they want.

NASA has all space under surveillance, people seem to think it's for NASA to keep an eye out for leaks from the ISS. But most if not all cameras are either facing down to Earth, watching the atmosphere or the cameras are facing outwards.

Their camera's aren't even watching the ISS itself. But, I'm always finding contradictory statements from NASA or it's co-horts and subcontractors. Orbs seen on NASA’s camera's can be in formations or pairs and sometimes in a pack of 3.

Everyone knows that technology is shrinking right, on Earth humans are cramming more and more thing's into the same space update after update.


This same evolution could be happening to our Extraterrestrial friends technological evolution? In fact, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the UFO Orbs have technology stuffed inside them the likes of NASA would do anything to get a hold of one!

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The Orbs have been filmed changing different directions, they've been filmed submerging into water, they don't lose speed when they do this as well.

Gravity seems to elude them and I've even seen them go straight into a volcano in Mexico do I presume they don't have a problem with heat? The atmosphere seems to have no effect on the Orbs when entering it but anything else that is "naturally occurred would burn up in the atmosphere in an instant".

I've recently done a post about a UFO and a Jet in fact I've done a fair few. Check this one out because these are all absolutely brilliant information. Recently I've written about 4 UFO events that shows Military Jets either trying to but not catching up to UFOs or one that sticks out in my mind about a couple of Military Helicopters Escorting a Flying Disk.

Here's the full UFO News YouTube video:

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Credit Ufosfact Instagram/Ufosfootage/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

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