Silver Metallic UFO Spotted In Antarctica Half Submerged

First of all, this has got no business being here, it's probably a UFO and that's based on the fact that we haven't put it there.

It's kind of on the same principle of the UAP disclosure where the US Government said it's not ours, then proceeded to cross off the list what it's not.

Here's a fantastic silver UFO half submerged in water in Antarctica.

Silver craft in the water in Antarctica.

It's the exact same thing here, it is not ours! Reading between the lines just like the UAP disclosure "again it's crossing off the list everything it's not" which it might seem like a conveluted roundabout way to get to the end but it's actually a lot easier.

How can it leave any doubts when we've listed what it's not? Secondly, it's not a countries advanced technology because countries aren't allowed to install military vehicles. It's not a submarine for the same thing. Submarines aren't silver metallic and they most definitely don't reflect the Sun's reflections.

Put the word "probably" before all of the following examples of what this isn't. It's not a yacht, it's not a crashed plane, not a helicopter, not a balloon, not a satellite, not a scientific camp. It's not hikers, tours, camping station, temporary hunting lodge, it's not a lost at sea boat, it's not a lost at sea rescue raft left after being rescued. It's not a animal release program, it's not a scientific expedition.

So, if it's not anything that I've just mentioned, what does it leave on the table for us to choose from? UFO is still on the table and that's because it's by definition. We don't know what it is. It's something that is not forthcoming and as there's no way really to get to the bottom of this, what's the best possible answer that we can come up with?

Whatever it is, because it's silver metallic in colour that probably means it's rust proof because it's Antarctica and it's in the middle of nowhere. How long has it been there and if it's not rusted then it's either not been there long, it's rust proof or it's advanced technology possibly. Is it Extraterrestrial entities and who's looking for it - if anyone at all...

Laying in the waters near Two Hummock Island off the coast of Antarctica rests a large metallic object partially submerged by the waters seen clearly on google earth I believe this object to be triangular but who's is it?

Conspiracy Depot 

Could it be a piece of scientific equipment that's been caught in the iceflow and ended up here where it is and the ice melted which exposed this 60 foot across metal object. Because it's technically not flying, it's technically not a UFO, right. I wonder if anyone's had time to investigate this because it's been on YouTube for a year now since the guy actually discovered it on Google Earth. All the information is in the video.

Here's the absolutely undeniable UFO Video uploaded to YouTube by the Conspiracy Depot channel:

If you have any thoughts or opinions or anything else like real answers about this UFO (which is not flying) then please let us know what you think in the comments section below, cheers. Also I'd appreciate it if you can share this post with someone who would appreciate it, thanks.

Credit: Conspiracy Depot/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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