Is NASA Caught Using Harnesses And CGI Graphics

Are you tired of all the fakes in the world today now it seems we have fake astronauts, according to recent claims that NASA is faking the International Space Station (ISS) but what do you have to say about this?

Has NASA been caught using a blue screen with tennis ball.

Wheeling a guy in the wheelchair out in front of the control room TV screens probably wasn't the best idea that NASA has come up with to date.


In a bizarre video, we can see astronauts grabbing things that aren't there and obvious protrusions underneath clothing that some people say this is clear evidence of a harness. Some conspiracy theorists have claimed that the ISS and the astronauts on board are not really in space after all.

Are they in a modified 747 kitted out to look like the inside of the ISS? Because there is video footage of plane engine sounds in some NASA videos...

Argument for

They argue that it has been staged in an aeroplane, and some scenes are also filmed underwater using harnesses and wires, to convince us that they are in orbit around the Earth. We can see the blue screen with a suspended tennis ball in the air (below image)...

NASA blatantly caught using CGI blue screen trickery.

Yet any amateur astronomer with a half-decent telescope can see the ISS at certain times of the day. There's an app for everything and the ISS is no different. To know where and when it will be over your area just download an app for it.

I don't know what to believe (do you) because I can see the astronauts grabbing what can only be a harness that's been green-screened out of the frame. Some astronauts disappeared before leaving the capsule. I'll be honest with you it sure looks like the astronaut is vanishing before he's gone around the corner in the ISS. The harness on one particular astronaut is under his red t.shirt but there's nothing there and the t.shirts are bulging with the harness underneath it.

I feel like people are repeating themselves in blogs and social media platforms and NASA isn't saying anything about this. We are not stupid and we certainly know what technology and software are currently capable of creating CGI effects. CGI rendering of literally anything can be done with images or videos.

One video supposedly captured by a "sharp-eyed internet sleuth" showed what appears to be an astronaut grabbing onto an invisible harness and the astronaut with the harness on moves while grabbing the wires but how's that even possible? I mean that's what it looks like right? This has prompted many to question whether these astronauts are really floating in zero gravity, or are they just being suspended on some wires.

Even the Chinese space station Tiangong has been caught up in the same madness as a glass of water was left on the table with a horizontal waterline. Gravity would be pulling down the water and the glass would be held in the water which would result in a horizontal waterline and that's what we saw yet they are supposed to be in space. It seems like the Chinese are involved in the deception too.

There's one part of the video which shows a blue screen with an astronaut and a green tennis ball suspended in mid-air. It's all so bizarre and it's as if it's too big to be a fake. What do you think about this video?

The video also shows the astronauts disappearing from the screen before going around corners as if they are exiting the stage and moving into another area but disappearing in a shimmering haze. This further fuels the conspiracy theories that the whole thing is just a big hoax.

Are the astronauts themselves in on the secret?

But let's be real here folks. Do we believe that NASA would go to such great lengths to fake the ISS? Wouldn't it be much easier to send people to space instead of faking it, probably not thinking about it, especially in this day and age?

Or is the ISS there orbiting Earth but NASA can't get people to it?

At the end of the day, these conspiracy theories are just that - theories. There is no concrete evidence to suggest that the ISS is not really in space and that the astronauts are just actors. So let's not get too carried away with these wild claims yet.

Even if astronauts disappear and we see harnesses under t-shirts.{alertInfo}

In the meantime, we can continue to enjoy the incredible images and videos plus the scientific discoveries that the ISS has brought us, and leave these conspiracy theories where they belong, in the investigation "inbox."

Please share your thoughts on this because I know that you'll have a lot to say about this video as it brings up many questions. And please don't forget to share this post, thank you.{alertInfo}

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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