UFO Flies Out of Cloud While Lightening Rages Everywhere

I was recently sent a fascinating and shocking UFO sighting which captured my attention but not straight away it was only on the 3rd time of looking that I saw the magnificent UFO craft.

White rectangular shape object UFO flies up and out of the clouds during thunderstorm.

White rectangular shape UFO object exits the cloud during lightening thunderstorm.

Let's get into it.

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UFO enthusiasts are going to go nuts over this and rightly so and probably skeptics alike will see this and say okay that's different and hard to dismiss.


Joshua Temple, the witness who filmed this anomaly shared the remarkable video with myself through email. Initially I thought it was a cloud bursting with lightning strikes every two seconds and the the witness was sharing an astonishing and interesting cloud light show. But there it is an astonishing unidentified flying object (UFO) resembling a white rectangular shaped craft emerging from the cloud, suggesting a mind-boggling spectacle or a potential extraterrestrial encounter.

While awaiting further details from Mr Temple about this captivating event, let's explore the initial account and its implications.

What happened:

Joshua Temple's video reveals a large cloud formation that seemed to generate lightning bursts at regular intervals. These electrifying bursts of energy were a captivating sight in themselves, but the true astonishment occurred when a white rectangular-shaped UFO emerged from within the cloud. From the video, it was unclear whether this enigmatic object was a product of the cloud's energy discharge (ball lightening ) or an actual spacecraft defying the laws of physics.

Potential Explanations:

While this extraordinary event leaves us with more questions than answers, let us reflect on various possible explanations:

1. Natural Phenomenon:

I'll propose that the unique combination of atmospheric conditions might have caused a peculiar reaction within the cloud, leading to lightning bursts within the formations.

This hypothesis suggests that the UFO could merely be an optical illusion caused by the arrangement of clouds or other atmospheric factors. Raw energy can create unusual looking ball lightening bursts or jumping electrified energy spheres which have been filmed before. Ball lightening is a phenomenon and is very different from St Elmo's fire. See Wikipedia for more on Ball lightening (link below).

2. Advanced Technology:

Alternatively, the appearance of the UFO could indicate the existence of advanced technology or extraterrestrial presence. The lack of any visible means of propulsion system could also indicate advanced aerial technology.

The unidentified craft's ability to navigate through the lightning-infused cloud without apparent repercussions could imply capabilities far beyond our current understanding.

Implications and Further Investigation:

News of this UFO sighting will spark discussion and fascination among UFO enthusiasts worldwide. The implications of such an encounter, should it be confirmed, would have far-reaching consequences in the realm of science, technology, and our understanding of the universe.

As we eagerly await additional information like the place and time for instance from Joshua Temple, it is essential to approach this fascinating phenomenon with an open mind. Subsequent details may shed light on the true nature of this celestial event, further fueling speculation about the existence of intelligent life beyond our planet. As I get the UFO sightings I share them with you guys.


The extraordinary UFO sighting captured by Joshua Temple offers a rare glimpse into the unexplained mysteries of our world. Whether caused by a peculiar natural phenomenon or indicative of advanced extraterrestrial technology, this incident promotes curiosity and encourages further investigation into the vast realm of possibilities that lie beyond our Earthly perceptions.


This article is based on limited information available at the initial reporting stage and may be subject to changes or updates as more details emerge from the witness or related sources. I hope to bring you the full information and witness account of this astonishing white rectangular shape UFO sighting.

Wikipedia Ball Lightening.

If you've got any thoughts or suggestions please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And also please don't forget to share this post and let's get the world's largest pool of knowledge to bare down on this and get some answers, thank you so much for checking this out.


Thursday July 13, 2023 · 9:10 PM.

The time, place and date was just supplied by the eye witness via email.

Credit: Joshua Temple/UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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