UFO Sighting at Smoke Dragon Air Show | Astonishing Footage

An electrifying twist unfolded at the Smoke Dragon Air Show in the enthralling city of Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on the fateful date of April 29, 2023.

Smoke Dragon Air Show UFO sighting in Brazil 29th April 2023.

Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Smoke Dragon air show UFO sighting.

Let's get into it.

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A remarkable UFO sighting occurred during the event, captured by an alert eyewitness from the comfort of their own balcony.


While invisible to the naked eye, the unidentified flying object was discovered only after reviewing the recorded video footage later on. In this exclusive blog post, I'm going to try and shed light on this enigmatic event that will continue to baffle and bewitch spectators.

Uncovering the Unseen:

As the Smoke Dragon Air Show captivated audiences, a mind-boggling turn of events unfolded in the skies above Novo Hamburgo. Although initially concealed from the human eye, an unknown object traversed the air, blissfully avoiding detection by the enthralled onlookers who were captivated by the aerial spectacle. If anyone else did see it or film it we'd likely know by now. It was only when the eyewitness meticulously reviewed their recorded UFO video that the presence of the UFO was unexpectedly revealed.

A Captivating Coincidence:

The coincidence of capturing this unidentified flying object during the prominent Smoke Dragon Air Show adds an intriguing layer to the event. While the brave pilots, acrobatics, and thundering engines served as the primary attraction, it seems that this vigilant eyewitness inadvertently bore witness to a parallel display, transcending the boundaries of this world. In my opinion there's no way that this UFO or craft if you like is man made. For starters there's no propulsion system visible, for second it's traveling extremely fast for such a tiny UFO. I believe that it's just another example of the UAPs, UFOs that are here on Earth right now doing exactly what we do in space and that's surveying. It was Star Trek that never got involved in an Aliens affairs but always ended up doing just that. Why are they watching but not communicating with the people of Earth or is it just the Government or the people on behalf of the public?

Puzzling Parallels:

Researchers, and ufologists should hopefully investigate this extraordinary occurrence, hoping to shed light on the nature and origin of the perplexing UFO. Personally as I've stated many times before in my post's and article's that I don't like to add filters or tweak the UFO sighting in edit because it's a case of say "when" when it looks like an Alien craft so I tend to stay away from changing the UFO sighting because it's a grey area. Zooming in is fantastic but that's when it starts to lose pixels and it becomes blurred. Anyway.

The exciting blend of an airshow backdrop and the unexpected appearance of an otherworldly craft weave a narrative that tantalizes the imagination, hopefully it will stimulate discussions on possible extraterrestrial contact and technological advancements beyond our comprehension.

Embracing the Unknown:

The UFO sighting at the Smoke Dragon Air Show ignites a renewed fascination in the uncharted realms that surround us. It serves as a reminder that, while we may celebrate human achievements, there are phenomena beyond our grasp, beckoning us to explore and question the extraordinary. Let this captivating event inspire individuals to keep their eyes to the skies, inviting curiosity, and an open-mindedness necessary for unraveling the mysteries that envelop us.


The mesmerizing UFO sighting at the Smoke Dragon Air Show in Novo Hamburgo captures the essence of the unknown and propels us to ponder the vast possibilities lurking in our universe. As experts will no doubt delve deeper into this remarkable event, the allure will only intensify, inviting us to embrace the unexplained with awe and reverence. Let us continue to revel in the enigmatic wonders of the heavens, for they remind us of the boundless beauty and infinite mysteries that await our exploration. Thank you Felipe Bastos for sharing this to my Instagram DMs.

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Credit: Felipe Bastos/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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