Shocking Confession of Former CIA Agent And Men in Black Operative

Have you ever wondered if the Men in Black are real? If they are, what do they do and who do they work for?

Timothy Beckley 1968 photograph real Men in Black Agent in NJ.

The shocking confession of men in black agent Joseph Spencer.

Let's get into it.

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Well, you might be surprised to learn that a former CIA agent and Men in Black operative has revealed some of the secrets of his former career in a video that has gone viral on social media.


The video shows a man reading the deathbed confession of Joseph Spencer, who claims to have been a US civil servant from May 1970 to October 1997 as a "secret operative" in an organization called Men in Black. Spencer says that he was recruited by the CIA after graduating from college and underwent nine months (uncanny resemblance between human pregnancy and his training) of intensive training that involved drugs and mind manipulation to prepare him for his new role.

Crashed UFOs and Alien Recovery:

According to Spencer, his job was to investigate and cover up incidents involving UFOs, aliens, and abductions. He says that he regularly was called to crash UFOs, where he had to collect evidence, dispose of bodies, and silence witnesses. He also says that he used a device that looked like a wand but was a weapon that could kill people by inducing a heart attack or a stroke.

Female Abductee Inside Crashed UFO:

One of the most shocking revelations that Spencer makes is that he witnessed a crashed flying craft that had three dead aliens, grey and small, with another still alive and a female human abductee. He says that this happened in 1970 and that two people had made it to the site and took photos, one of whom ran off and he was forced to use his wand on the other.

Regretful Actions and Decisions:

Spencer also claims that he was involved in other covert operations, such as Project Blue Beam, which was a plan to create a fake alien invasion using holograms and mind control, and MK Ultra, which was a program that experimented with drugs, hypnosis, and torture on unsuspecting subjects. He says that he was exposed to many horrors and atrocities and that he regrets his actions and wishes to warn the public about the truth.

What is Going on Behind The Curtains:

Spencer's confession is both fascinating and disturbing and raises many questions about the reality of UFOs, aliens, and the Men in Black. Is his story true, or is it a hoax? If it is true, what does it mean for our understanding of the world and our place in the universe? And if it is not true, why would someone make up such a tale and what is their motive?

What's Next in This Fascinating Story:

These are some of the questions that we will try to answer in our next article, where we will examine the evidence and the sources behind Spencer's claims, and compare them with other testimonies and documents that have been leaked or declassified over the years. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing and controversial topic.


Can it be that people who have no family and no real ties to humanity are taken away from civilization and moulded, manipulated by the CIA into these monstrous things if it indeed is true then every single aspect of this story is illegal, highly against mankind and everything else that humanity supposedly stands for which is freedom of information, speech, to go about your business and not be killed for seeing, writing, unveiling, asking questions and keeping the powers that be honest! That's not a request that's a statement. We demand it because we're not savages and we don't act like cavemen keeping our cave free from outsiders. Thank god for whistleblowers for taking a stand if that's what this is because equally as important as that is if it's not a whistleblower giving him or having his testimony, or a story told to the world and it turns out to be a hoax then that's just another example of why humanity is rotten to its core!

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