Silver Metallic UFO Spotted Flying Sideways Over PCB, Florida

In a recent and riveting UFO encounter off the coast of Panama City Beach, Florida, a seasoned shark fisherman inadvertently captured a mesmerizing silver metallic craft as it soared through the skies on its side.

Shark fisherman photographs a silver UFO.

C-17 aircraft and silver UFO sighting by shark fisherman.

Let's get into it.

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The sighting, shrouded in mystery, unfolded as the fisherman aimed to photograph a passing C-17 aircraft, only to capture the astonishing UFO in a single frame amidst a series of sequential shots.


Key Details of the UFO Sighting:

Location: Panama City Beach, Florida, USA. No date unfortunately.

Craft Appearance: Silver metallic, flying on its side.

Witness: Shark fisherman responding to and photographing the presence of a C-17 aircraft.

As the UFO was only captured in one frame, the questions surrounding this extraterrestrial encounter multiply, leading us into the world of Ufology and the mysteries of unidentified aerial phenomena.

Questions and Answers:

1. Why Florida?

   - Answer: Florida has been a hotspot for UFO sightings, possibly due to its numerous military bases and aerospace facilities. The proximity to Eglin Air Force Base, Tyndall Air Force Base, and Kennedy Space Center might contribute to heightened UFO activity.

2. Military Connection: C-17 Presence

   - Answer: The presence of a C-17 aircraft in the vicinity raises questions about military operations. Are these UFOs monitoring military activities, or is there a connection between military exercises and these unidentified crafts?

3. Photographic Evidence: Significance of a Single Frame

   - Answer: The fact that the UFO was captured in only one frame adds an element of intrigue. What is the significance of this fleeting moment? Does it suggest a deliberate attempt to remain unseen?

Silver Crafts in the USA:

According to available information, silver-colored UFO sightings in the USA are not uncommon. Many reported UFO encounters describe metallic silver crafts, indicating a recurrent pattern in eyewitness accounts. See The National Archives on UFOs and UAPs as you can handle.

"The diversity of UFO sightings continues to astound us. The silver metallic craft reported in Florida adds yet another layer to the enigma surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena."  

Lee Lewis


The PCB, Florida UFO sighting stands as a testament to the ongoing mysteries in the world of Ufology. As we delve into the details of this silver metallic craft captured in a single frame, questions arise about its purpose, connection to military activities, and the broader implications for our understanding of unidentified aerial phenomena. We can but add this UFO sighting to the records and hope that one day the US Government comes out with the information and tells us what we already know, that Extraterrestrial life is real and they've been reverse engineering UAPs.

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Published on [13/11/2023] by Lee Lewis - UFO Sightings Footage.

Credit: Think Tank-X/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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