Brand New Nazca Symbols Unearthed By Archaeologists With Drones

Video about the new Nazca drawings just found by drone!

Archaeologists have identified hundreds of possible new sites to scan with the possibility of uncovering many more new (to us) "ancient Alien communication recordings?" Let's hope so, let's watch this space. Watch the video till the end, its eye opening that something so big can be hidden away from the world and then rediscovered. Even though we have Google Earth, maps and other information space related satellites that can see everything this lot evaded detection which is weird because they're always looking down at the Earth.

That's the bit I'm really struggling to understand because we've had satellites with camera's up there in space for the longest time, like decades. Surely we would of seen them before? Even if the camera's filming in a different part of the spectrum which makes any impressions or scrapes stand out a lot more!

New Nazca drawings just found by drone.

Sometimes the best way to see the world is to go high. Like very high. Drones are allowing just that nowadays and they're finding some extremely interesting things. Take Nazca in Peru for instance, just when you thought we'd catalogued all the ancient and historic drawings that were etched in to the ground by people. They're probably airplane runways, animal depictions.

Ancient Nazca people etched many symbols in to the landscapes and mountains in Peru but why.

Some ancient written languages are symbols to represent words, stories etc maybe in certain ways or displayed in groups of symbols means certain words as in this case it could mean or indicate that Alien contact has happened - especially if the symbols (drawings) are not in the normal daily written language.

So, just exactly what are we looking at here in this video, it's really good that we're still discovering brand new ancient history anomalies and unknown "gigantic" artwork.

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