Discovery of Brand New Gigantic Geoglyphs in the desert of Nazca, Peru

New discoveries can still be had on this planet, with huge implications.

Astronauts have been looking down on us since the 1960's and this is only just coming to light.

So it beg's the question how have these been hidden or "undetected" for so long?

Surely they must of seen these, but they can't of - or could they of seen them but kept the best ones for themselves because of some unknown reason...


Brand new "ritual geoglyphs" have been found in the Nazca desert (Peru). Known for the abundance of lines and the huge designs created by ancient people's but these are newly discovered.

Brand new Nazca Geoglyphs have just been discovered in Peru!

Ancient Peruvians created geoglyphs like the Nasca lines by moving stones to define edges of the lines, and then scraping the top layer of earth between the edges to reveal lighter soil beneath.

Scientists who use drones to study the Nazca desert in the south of Peru have found more than 50 new gigantic drawings engraved on the ground, as reported by National Geographic, which published the video of these new geoglyphs.

But why haven't they been seen before? That's probably the strangest thing that I can't work out?

Brand new Nazca Geoglyphs have just been discovered in Peru!

The designs were created more than a millennium ago, by representatives of the Nazca culture and are believed to have ritual purposes.

These pictures are incredibly detailed and very intricate.

They're huge and very much on display. If the Earth has been mapped by Google (as an example) surely someone should have seen them? Stitching the images together must of thrown these up? 

Or, are these brand new and created by someone or something else that defies all known logic...

However, many of the recently found drawings could also belong to cultures earlier than those of Nazca, known as Paracas and Topará, dating back to 500 BC.

Brand new Nazca Geoglyphs have just been discovered in Peru!

More than a thousand of these geoglyphs (literally, 'ground drawings') sprawl across the sandy soil of Nasca province.

"This means a tradition of more than a thousand years preceding the famous geoglyphs of Nazca culture, which opens the door to new hypotheses about its function and meaning," says Johny Isla, archaeologist of the Ministry of Culture of Peru, who is responsible for conservation of the famous Nazca lines.

These ancient peoples "drew" images of warriors, animals, as well as different ornamental lines, removing the upper layer of reddish stones of the desert, exposing a lighter ground.

Brand new Nazca Geoglyphs have just been discovered in Peru!

Brand new Nazca Geoglyphs have just been discovered in Peru!

However, scientists are still wondering how they managed to make drawings without being able to see them from the sky. The fact that only the latest drawings have been discovered is due to the fact that many of them are not visible from the ground and can only be detected by the use of drones with high resolution cameras.

Many of the newly discovered Nasca lines are too faint to be seen by the human eye, yet visible when captured in low altitude by a drone camera.

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