Another Full Skeleton Found On Mars

Real looking skeleton discovered on Mars by the Mars Rover.

Image Credit/NASA Mars Rover/Jani HackI

So here we are again, another skeleton found on Mars?

With the amount of Mars Rover images showing us examples after examples of strange looking and very skeleton looking objects found by the Mars Rover - how can we keep quiet and not say a thing? Thanks to NASA's very own "whistleblower" the Mars Rover for giving it to us on a platter! By the way, NASA said your in big trouble, lol. Wait til you get in trouble they're not bailing you out, lol! They never thought it would turn out to be a double edged sword did they!

I'm lost for words on this straight up finger! That's crazy and it doesn't get anymore stranger or weirder than this "lone finger" it's a human finger aswell on Mars which makes it mind blowing as it's many, many thousands of miles away from its owner (probably).

A finger has been found on Mars.

Image Credit/NASA Mars Rover

That to me is a skeleton in the above top image and that is a finger, to me in the image straight above.

Would you knowingly sit on a valid story of real national importance. Well they do it everyday and every week when their "masters" issue the following days and weeks stories already pre-prepared and preapproved! Gosh that must be awful, working on a prepackaged story of lies? I mean, to write something like "rock anomaly on Mars" on the official NASA image when you can see it's a skeleton or a finger? Holy crap it must be soul destroying. Believe me, it's happened to lot's of journalists who by the way are still doing it and still working for the same masters. Anyways...

Mars has NEVER failed to deliver!

I challenge you to go to NASA's online multimedia archives (source link below) of Mars images and just zoom in on a few rocks etc and I bet you that you'll find something out of place that makes you either frown or say out loud "now that's strange"?
I was challenged to it and I actually found something in the very, the very first image.

Or, you'll simply find something but not say a thing, forget what you've seen it and that my friend is due to your full schooling or "full programming". It's not your fault.

If you had a full schooling and did every year, started and left when you should etc then i'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your probably programmed and the vast majority of conspiracy theories, well your just not going to "get it" or "grasp it" at all and you will not do anything about them because your programmed to do nothing about conspiracies against authority.

Unfortunately it's now your business to do absolutely nothing. It's called the carefully crafted National Curriculum UK and US Department of Education.

Below is more evidence for life at one stage definitely living on Mars? Look at these Mars artifacts and you tell me what they are (below images). They really do look like bones, it's as simple as that.

This is probably just going to get swept under the proverbial rug "again" and just like it's siblings (all the other anomalies lol) it won't get any media attention from any of the big media corporations because it doesn't align with their "ruling masters" views (for that day anyways) who knows what the future scripts have planned?

We all know their Puppet Masters views (deny everything, admit nothing, say and do nowt) If push comes to shove, mock and ridicule is their best form of defence and attack! Actually it's their only form of defence and it's their only form of attack.

Image Credit/NASA Mars Rover

Skeletons and bones found on Mars by the Mars Rover Nasa is keeping quiet.

Skeletons and bones found on Mars by the Mars Rover Nasa is keeping quiet.

Image Credit/NASA Mars Rover

Skeletons found on Mars by the Mars Rover.

Image Credit/NASA Mars Rover

Skeletons and bones found on Mars by the Mars Rover.

Thanks for checking this post out, we appreciate it. NASA put's out this stuff, so it could be a contradiction from the get go? But there is a lot of things that contradict themselves everywhere in life, especially when the masters views change once in a while? Decide for yourselves what is common sense or what is not common sense.

Source NASA Mars Multimedia.
Top Image Credit to Jani HackI Facebook.
Source NASA Image.

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