Chinas Space Agency Released New Pics Of The Moon

Chinese space agency Moon rover image.

The shadows are all wrong. Check the video.

China's Space Agency released images or should I say graphics of the stupid kind of the Moon and
say it's the last time that they are going to make them public. So what the hell, why release these images just to take them back straight away?

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I think it's because they know that the more they keep the "raw images" out there in the public's eye - the more it's going to be inevitable these images will come under scrutiny. There will be curious people looking at them and also looking into them. And the people will see the stupid inaccuracies and poor planning that ultimately went into making these strangely bizarre images.

That's right folks, I said "making" these images!

China's space agency releases new pics of the Moon and says it's the last time they are made public.

So what happens when someone catches on to the made-by-design space images? We could call these "communist space images"? Why not? These graphics were put together and put out by the People's Republic of China Space Agency. So, these are communist space images, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't mean anything nasty by it, I mean that these images will not fly with the rest of the world.

I don't think there were any images to even tamper with. I think that the images were generated by 3D rendering and rendering of the images from software that was probably created, planned and designed by the Chinese Government. It's that simple. Why go to the Moon when you can get a state decree that nobody talks about the making and designing of the images from the so-called Moon?

If the lander is put on the Moon with the stars and their maps over the images, we have a faked and a stupid (now you know why I say stupid) because this was going to always come out sooner or later. After all, the Moon is and always will be a contentious and a conspiracy theorists dream. They only have to put an image of the Moon online and bam, it's got this wrong with it etc etc. But, in the conspiracist's favour. They only pick out the conspiracies!

If it's real, well it's real. What I think I mean is that if you're going to fake a Moon image please, please make sure you get it spot on otherwise it will get pulled apart by everyone and anyone who has the knowledge and as we all know, the Earth has that in abundance.

The images from the Moon by CSA don't line up with celestial maps, they must be fake.

Because it's a prestigious club, it's a strategic move and a political move. It's a finger to the US and they're saying that "you (the US) faked the Moon landing in 1969 so why can't we do it?

The images from the Moon by CSA don't line up with celestial maps, they must be fake.

Also, let's not forget the massive middle finger to the US. It's a one-finger salute to the apparent giants of the space industry and with a slogan that says "We can do anything you can do and we can do it on a budget of thousands instead of billions".

The Moon images from China's space agency are computer generated rubbish.

The mad and strange thing is that it's probably true. They can do anything they want to do, they're big enough and have the numbers and geniuses to boot. The manpower is extraordinary and the willingness to build now and worry later is frightening if not silly and very, very ambitious.

So take in the video above and see for yourself why they don't want these images out for long. Come on, they know the images are bogus! They wanted to go to the Moon in full ceremony and when they couldn't they faked it and went from "celebrations to go to the Moon to We've been to the Moon now close the doors and turn the lights out!

The images from the Moon by CSA don't line up with celestial maps, they must be fake.

There are a lot of red flags and I think that this is what initially gave the game away and directed the conspiracy theorists to their quarry. The ability to fake a Moon landing is not as simple as saying, well nobody has been there how do they know if it's real or fake? Well, we have a little "known thing" called the Sun. You see, that thing is constant. The Sun is in specific places at specific times so if you're going to fake an image that was supposedly taken on the Moon "you need to know your Sun"

The stars, you need to know your star systems and the places that they'll be at specific times of the day. Or just do what the USA did, lol. Get rid of the Stars and the Sun altogether! Here's a weird image of the Chinese space agency doing just that, as their bigger brother the US did...

Three layers. The Moon's surface, the erm blackness of space and the erm? Mmmh? I suppose it's called the "other" blackness of space? They've put a ring of composite overlay I think they call it? It blacks out the stars etc so nobody looking at the images can get a reference of where they are. It stops the stars and the Sun from being seen. That's why we're seeing different layers in the images. Just watch the "official" CCTV video above.

Because they never went, they couldn't make it and they have dirt on the US and have faked it. That's why the US has let them fake it and gone along with the shenanigan.

It's not what you know or who you know, but what proof you've got or "dirt"

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