Is this An Alien Disguised As A Man - Alien Tongue Sticking Out I wonder

Here's the best Alien video that you'll ever see! The guy in the video is known and he's known as a special effects guy. Please don't leave comments without reading this?

Alien looking tongue on Rick Baker.

It's happened before where I think it was the very first comment left where I posted about an Alien special effects mask on an actors face and it was featured specially in an X Files TV show and the guy started off straight away with "that's fake". Lol.

Absolutely amazing and stunning visual effects Alien Tongue.

He never left anymore comments which "thank goodness" I must say, that's relief. It shows though just how easy stuff online fall's victim to throwaway comments without people reading or even glancing at the titles or any related writings with the accompanying images or videos? It's a lesson for sociologists I think?

The human mind is conditioned I suppose to instantly form a decision, make a judgement and give reason for what they are seeing? It's a primordial soup strategy, not a modern day tool in the guys perception? I guess it still is though because everyone and their aunt has done this, does this and will do this almost every single day?

Is it caveman behaviour, is it a survival instinct or is it a method of learning we have adjusted to or created ourselves - you bet it is. Every one of them is right. It's learned, t's taught and it's a throwback to ourt day's of poking our finger in the fire to see if it will run away or if we can eat the thing?

Absolutely amazing and stunning visual effects Alien Tongue.

It's funny that, blaming everything on the poor old "idiot" caveman. He or she get's blamed for all our innate knowledge when really we are a product of our environment so really we should be blaming the schools, siblings and yeah ourselves I suppose?

Personally I blame the price of baked beans because that's always got me mad and judgemental. Always raising the price, for what? The process stays the same and the bean itself stays the same? It's greedy bean men I know it. With their bean hat's on and their luxurious bean cars.

Here is a video that you'll never forget in a hurry and be warned, this "is not real" this is 100% science... Fiction! It's actually by a special effects guy called Rick Baker and he is the Bee's knees at special effects.

If you know of him, you'll know that An American Werewolf in London 1981 was his amazing handywork. Stunning, so it was obviously him who done did this. Lol.

Richard A. Baker (born December 8, 1950) is a retired American special make-up effects creator, mostly known for his creature effects and designs. Baker won the Academy Award for Best Makeup a record seven times from a record eleven nominations, beginning when he won the inaugural award for An American Werewolf in London (1981).

Rick Baker special effects master.

Link to original video on Reddit.

Rick Baker special effects make up specialist on An American Werewolf in London.


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