Light's On The Dark Side Of The Moon Could Be Evidence Of UFO's

Light's on the Moon's surface still can't be fully answered properly and if you ask me the suspicious 24 hours apart thing is a bit strange. Exactly 24 hours apart and both light's flashed exactly this amount of time between each flash so this leaves me to believe that this was an event or a timing situation?

The bizarre phenomena were observed from Earth by the Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) on the nights of July 17 and July 18. MIDAS observatories in Spain scan the surface of the Moon on a daily basis, in search of asteroid and meteor impacts. A European Space Agency (ESA) statement revealed the flashes were registered almost exactly 24 hours apart, “seemingly in pursuit” of one another. Detailed photographs of the Moon’s bumpy surface, captured by high-sensitivity CCD cameras, show the exact moment of impact. Check out the full post about this here on express online.

But could this footage be the evidence UFO hunters need to finally settle the debate on whether alien visitors to Earth exist or not? It is extremely unlikely the lunar photos have anything to do with aliens but both MIDAS and the ESA agree the flashes were very much extraterrestrial in origin. The ESA said: “On July 17, 2018, an ancient lump from space thwacked into the Moon with enough energy to produce a brilliant flash of light. “With another rock seemingly in pursuit, a second flash lit up a different region of the Moon almost exactly 24 hours later.” Despite the force of impact, current estimates suggest the foreign impactors were no larger than the average walnut.

Two flashes of light were spotted on the surface of the Moon it could be UFOs.

(All Image Credits: ESA/MIDAS)

Space rocks of this size dubbed meteoroids are typically remnants of bigger asteroids and comets drifting aimlessly through space.

The flashing lights were not UFOs but small meteor hitting the Moon.

(All Image Credits: ESA/MIDAS)

The flashing meteoroids in question most likely originated from the dusty comet trail left behind in the wake of the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower. The Alpha Capricornids shower usually starts as early as July 15 and continues until mid-August. The ESA said: “For at least a thousand years people have claimed to witness short-lived phenomena on the face of the Moon. “By definition these transient flashes are hard to study, and determining their cause remains a challenge.”

Three astronomical observatories in Spain scan the Moon for the transient flashes on behalf of the MIDAS project. The observatories use powerful telescopes and CCD cameras to detect and identify the various impacts that rock the glowing orb. Jose Maria Madiedo, MIDAS, said better understanding these lunar impacts can help better protect Earth from similar dangers. The space expert said: “By studying meteoroids on the Moon we can determine how many rocks impact it and how often, and from this we can infer the chances of impact on Earth.”

The flashing lights were not UFOs but small meteor hitting the Moon.

(All Image Credits: ESA/MIDAS)

Well I know my own personal opinions on this are that the ESA look's for every "acceptable answer" and that they never admit to anything other than a plausible and authority accepted version of the going's on actuall on the Moon even though they're not there, they have instrument's (like they can't be rigged by an Alien that doesn't want to be detected). They rely to heavily on their instruments probably couldn't understand or even accept that if there was Aliens and the Aliens didn't want to be bothered or hassled then all they have to do with their probable un believable futuristic technology is manipulate the readings, findings and literally present whatever findings they wanted to?

Hell it could be a whale swimming on the Moon, anything but Aliens in a UFO. Even though we all know that they won't say, accept or even discuss the Alien theory they are always harping on about it when it suits them! When it's time to involve the public they gladly talk about Aliens and UFo's but if you ask them when they're being human (yeah I know) they will always deny, accept nothing and refuse to talk and that's bull s**t and terrible.

If they're looking for Alien life why do they make people think that Ufologist's are nuts? They're doing the exact same thing! It's jealousy and nothing more. Ufologist's don't need to spend billions of dollars on telescopes and equipment. We wait for people to send us their UFO encounters and UFO footage. They can't stand the fact they paid all this money and Ufologist's get the prize of announcing to the world that Aliens exist. They (ESA, NASA etc) can't accept that all it took was a photograph and an email to prove Aliens exist. It's that simple.

They'll never accept, never deny, never prove and will never, ever accept that a simple Ufologist beat them to the punchline and sit's on the top podium for discovering Aliens. That will never ever be a thing they'll entertain at these types of places because what, they're going to admit defeat and that they never discovered Alien life? Ha, ha you know and I know that, that "will never happen".

So they'll keep on denying, they'll keep on saying no it's not UFO's and no it's not a Jet chasing a UFO and do you know why they will always resort to swamp gas when all else has failed?

Because they can't accept the fact that they won't be credited with the worlds first! Look what happened when the Russians did that last? First man in space, well that never went down well in the American government did it! So yeah, you can always rely on the people we want to admit to Aliens and see this image I've got and accept there's Aliens ha ha. It's never, ever in 1.2 trillion point billion years or to put it mildly "over their dead body" or the other one "when hell freezes over" ha.

Looking to NASA etc to clarify, admit to or agree that Aliens exist is like trying to pull a wad of 50's out of your buttocks with a bow on it. It aint gonna happen. So sit back, reevaluate ALL the known UFO cases and all the known Alien abduction cases and encounters of the third kind because with the knowledge we've just exposed well, all the images and videos that NASA ever rejected need's to be looked at again because we now know that they would never accept that little old you discovered Alien life forms in the universe before them.

Oh and yeah, you can bet your entire lottery winnings on that. Here's some more amazing discoveries that have all been found on the Moon's (and Phobos's Moon) surface in recent years.

Actual UFO on the Moon.

Structures on the Moon.

Underground base on the Moon.

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